Spring Semester Survival Guide

Winter break: a time filled with homecooked meals and good company. Now, it is time to face the reality of going back to school. Getting back into a routine, studying for exams, doing your own laundry, and cooking your own meals. Here are some tips that will help you stay organized this spring semester! 


1. Buy a new planner 

This is something I failed to do, but it is, in fact, a new year. Go on Amazon and order yourself a 2020 planner! And be sure to keep up with it throughout the semester. My planner always looks so colorful and organized in the beginning of the semester, and towards the end there are just a few notes scribbled in pencil. I’m making it one of my New Year’s resolutions to actually keep up with my planner, and you should too!

Courtesy: Unsplash

2. Schedule work time

If you’re taking online classes, schedule a time and place to go somewhere and do the work. It can be hard to find the right motivation to actually keep up with online classes. Say you’re taking Statistics online, maybe tell yourself you will go to the library every Tuesday from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm and do the class then. That way, you get into a routine of going to an actual place every week. 

3. Work Ahead 

Spring semester can fly by. Before you know it, spring break will be here, then the semester will almost be over! Be sure to work ahead whenever you get the chance. We all know that feeling of dread during midterm and finals week. To avoid that feeling, make sure you are keeping up with your work throughout the semester. 

4. Print out your Syllabi

At the start of every semester, I always print out all my class syllabi and schedules and display them in my room. This way, I can constantly check the calendar to see if I have a test or quiz coming up. 

5. Keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions- or don’t!

Often times at the beginning of the year, people make new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s eating healthier, working out every day, or drinking more water, we’ve all made these resolutions (and have probably not kept up with them come February). My advice- don’t worry about keeping up with them! Make sure your resolutions are reasonable and fit into your lifestyle. There’s no need to compare yourself to others. 

6. Do something different 

Switch up your regular routine. Maybe join a new club, start watching a new show, try taking a class you would have never taken before. 2020 is all about trying new things, who knows, you might find a new passion! 

The beginning of any semester can be challenging, however, with these tips you’re guaranteed to get started on the right foot! 

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