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Remember the time when you could walk to beautiful Landis Green and have a picnic with your friends? Or even spend long hours of studying in big groups at Strozier Library? In March of 2020, many Florida State University students were asked to leave campus, and professors had to conduct many of their classes online or via Zoom. Even during the fall 2020 semester, students and professors are still working remotely; although, FSU students hope to return to campus for in-person classes.

Recently, an announcement was made that stated that FSU has decided to remove Spring Break for the 2021 semester and complete the semester a week earlier. Also, students at Florida State University were supposed to register for classes on October 12. However, like other universities, Florida State is committed to offering as many in-person classes during the spring 2021 semester and thus, the university decided to push back the first round of registration. Multiple plans are being put into place, and these Florida State Seminoles are hoping that plans for in-person classes will happen.

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Recently, an email was sent to all FSU students about the temporary plan for the spring 2021 semester. Since this announcement, many students have already registered for the upcoming semester. Despite registering, classes are constantly changing to accommodate for more in-person options. Depending on how the class is being held, students are made aware of these changes and there are more options being offered for classes. Regardless of scheduling, all spring 2021 classes will commence on Wednesday, January 6, and the first three days of classes will be held virtually. All in-person classes and “flex” classes that are scheduled on campus will begin meeting the week of January 11. Here’s a break down of how classes will be offered during the spring 2021 semester at Florida State University.

The class has no meeting days and times:

This means that the class is being held remotely or online. Before COVID, this would be considered just a regular online class. Although there are no meeting days and times, students should check their Canvas course regularly for upcoming assignments or changes.

The class has a meeting day and time but no building or room number:

This means the class will be delivered remotely or online in a synchronous modality. This means that students should expect to meet for Zoom with their professor or the professor can decide to post lectures but not meet for Zoom. With this option, there are also “flex” classes, in which some students meet in the classroom while other students participate live through Zoom. “Flex” students have the option of choosing to attend in-person or remotely. Students should pay attention to this change because professors now have the option to conduct class in this way.

The class has a meeting day and time, and a building listed with a room number:

This means that classes will meet face-to-face or in-person. Students should expect to be physically present and on campus for this option of classes.

The class has a building room assigned for one day and another meeting day and time but no building or room:

This means that the class has a mix of in-person and remote class meetings. The professor can choose which days of the week he/she wants to offer classes in-person and the rest remotely.

As FSU continues to send out information regarding scheduling, students should constantly check their Canvas page for any changes to their schedules.

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