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Spring Reading Recommendations

Now that the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, it’s the perfect weather to curl up under an oak tree and settle to an engaging read. This season, I have found the perfect page-turners that excite, inspire and educate. Many of the books/comics I love to read include minority representation as well as strong female leads.

1. Bitch Planet  by DeConnick & De Landro

Courtesy: Image Comics

This satirical and hilarious comic book represents intersectional women caught in a patriarchal society that requires them to monitor their weight, diet, appearance and relationship status. If women age and are still unmarried, their families are forced to pay an “old maid tax.” The women grow angry and restless about these harsh rules and begin to protest, only to be deemed “unruly” and sent away to a place called “Bitch Planet.” I loved this mature comic because of all the little details included, which honestly revealed the harsh pressures women face every day by family and society. I would recommend it to anyone trying to read about destroying the patriarchy.

2. Chango’s Fire by Ernesto Quiñonez

Courtesy: amazon.com

What I loved about this novel was the incorporation of vivid descriptions of Spanish Harlem and the struggles of the Latinx community. This novel shows the impact of gentrification from the lens of Julio, an arsonist who burns buildings to gain insurance money. Julio is a man who fights against the influx of whites into his neighborhood while simultaneously destroying it. However, the ironies in this novel don’t end there.  There are many turning points that compel the reader to find out more about this community and the people that live there.

3. Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire

Courtesy: b-br4ve.tumblr.com

This poetry book was written by Warsan Shire, the poet that helped curate Beyoncé’s renowned visual album Lemonade. Her poetry inspired lines of Beyonce’s songs and the intro to the music video for “Hold Up.” If Beyonce found her work inspiring, just wait ‘til you get your hands on the rest of her poetry. This collection is for women who need words to explain emotions of betrayal, family conflict and the harshness of beauty standards.

Whether you need to find a relaxing read or just need to find the perfect set of words to give to a friend, try finding these books at your local library or support the authors by purchasing them. I know you will enjoy them up until the very last page. Happy reading!

Second year student at Florida State University, Creative Writing major, poetry and people is my passion.
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