Spring Breakup: 10 Reasons Why Being Single During Spring Break Is the Best

1. You can do WHATEVER you want!

Making spring break plans is already hard enough. Will you kick it on South Beach all week? Cruise to Cozumel? Make a trip to the Big Apple? Who knows! You’re the captain now!

2. Spring break is the perfect opportunity for a girls trip.

It’s only so often you get a week away from all obligations—take that opportunity to spend some quality time with the ladies!

3. You’ll be single and ready to mingle ;).

There will absolutely be no strings attached, so go ahead, talk to that mega babe you keep locking eyes with from across the bar!

4. No fighting.

There is a 100% less chance of getting into a fight with your boyfriend if you don’t have one.

5. LOTS of you-time.

Maybe you want to watch Netflix all day or maybe you want to aggressively drink daiquiris by the pool—who cares! It’s all up to you, baby girl!

6. You don’t have to share that bottle of tequila.

But like . . . were you really going to anyway?

7. More money to spend on yourself.

Go ahead! Buy that absolutely adorable bathing suit or maybe even treat yourself to a pedicure.

8. After a long day of day drinking, you get the whole bed to yourself.

There will be no dispute about who gets which side of the bed—and even better, you can hog all the sheets!

9. You can dance with whomever and however you want.

When you’re boogieing down at the club, let that freak-flag fly girl!

10. You can jam out to ‘Single Ladies’ all spring break long.

Because we all know getting ready is way more fun when you’re listening to Beyoncé.

All GIFs courtesy of Giphy.