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Spring Break 2021 Fashion Trends: What You’ll See in This Hot Weather

In these past few years we have seen a consistency of fashion choices be repeated through the seasons, but not this year. Rapid changes have been made the past year in our world and as a reflection of that our style choices are shifting towards funkier and brighter pieces. Colors have been shown more vibrantly throughout the past two seasons and there’s been a handful of runway looks incorporating brighter colors than our average color wheel this spring. Jewel tones, florals, textures and patterns of this spring are a change-up from the casual pastels. 

Colors of the Season

Colors for spring are a consistent trend but pastels and jewel tones complementing each other is something we have yet to fully experience. Jewel tones consist of an emerald shade of green, deep purple and yellow whereas pastels are classified as lighter with salmon pink and baby blue, for example. Normally color matching and complementing haven’t been something anyone in the fashion world has tried dabbling into, but in recent months there’s been a flip on opinions and now we're seeing colors on everyone. 


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Spring is all about bright colorful pieces and floral patterns. This 2021 spring is groundbreaking for fashion because it is bringing out styles and choices, and I’m excited about it. First and foremost, florals are always in and thriving in the hotter weather. Checkered patterns and the classic stripes are going to be making another statement this year. Checkered knit sweaters and plaids are staying this season because people are loving flannels and cozy sweaters.

Trending Textures

Another huge statement piece being incorporated this spring is knit. I know, knit in hot weather doesn’t sound like a fun time but it’s a trend carrying over from fall to the present spring season. Knit vests and sweaters did not come to play and will surely stay for a while. 

White button-down blouses and pinstripe blouses are showing up in everyday casual wear and streetwear. Pinstripes have been a classic for so long but dressing down an oversized white button-up takes real style. 

Leather is a huge staple texture for the summer. Leather pants, leather jackets or leather bustier tops are in for the summer. Matching a tight pair of leather pants with a small blouse is a simple yet sexy outfit for this hot summer!  


Last spring and summer seasons we got to see a new trend emerge head scarfs. Utilizing the colorful fun patterned scarves to wrap around your hair are coming back again! For anyone who might be like me and decided to wait and see what comes in style and what goes out, headscarves won’t be leaving this season. If you haven’t bought one already, I can tell you aren’t out of luck quite yet!

Jewelry layering is a must this year! Gold jewelry in particular has been super popular and only continues to become more trendy. Try layering your favorite gold necklaces together. Adding a gold chocked paired with a longer statement necklace is a new way to pair your favorite jewelry pieces of the summer! 

Can’t forget about a mask trend! We’ve seen colorful masks and masks with patterns on them, but we haven’t seen a lot of black masks being worn yet. Although, black masks are coming in to take over this spring and summer. Also, masks can add spice to your look and they are needed in public areas as well as social gatherings, let this serve as your reminder to continue wearing a mask through this season.

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