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Spooky Netflix Original Movies for Every Zodiac Sign

Aries: Gerald’s Game

As one of the more courageous and adventurous signs, Aries are always up for trying new things. This passionate group would love a movie like Gerald’s Game. This movie takes you through a couple’s failed attempt to spice up their romantic life, which results on a woman being handcuffed to the bed with no escape. This thriller will definitely keep any Aries on the edge of their seat this Halloween.

Taurus: Apostle

Known for their determination and dependability, any Taurus would love a Halloween horror flick like Apostle. This movie takes the audience through the story of a man attempting to save his sister from life in a sinister religious cult. This protagonist-driven story will have you engaged, terrified and entertained all at once, making it a must-watch for any Taurus.

Gemini: Little Evil

Just as there are two sides to every Gemini, there are two sides to Little Evil. This twin sign embraces each opposing side of its personality, allowing the two to exist in harmony. Similarly, Little Evil allows for the genres of horror and comedy to coexist, creating a perfectly balanced movie for you to enjoy this Halloween.

Cancer: Before I Wake

It’s pretty well-known that the Cancer sign is an emotional group. They will take any possible opportunity to get in the feels, making Before I Wake a perfect Halloween movie. Despite belonging to the horror genre, this movie manages to tug at your heartstrings with a pretty wholesome story about family and unconditional love. If you’re looking for a heartwarming ending to your horror flick, look no further than Before I Wake.

Leo: The Babysitter

Leos are very well-known for their creativity and positivity. This sign prefers to take a fun and humorous approach to life, which causes them to get bored easily. This would make the Netflix original, The Babysitter, a perfect Halloween movie this spooky season! This “scary movie” is way more about making you laugh than making your hair stand. It has the perfect balance of gore and humor and it will never leave you feeling bored.

Virgo: Hold the Dark

In Hold the Dark, a brave man takes on the task of hunting a pack of wolves blamed for killing a local boy. This bravery and loyalty would resonate with any Virgo in search of a scary mystery movie! Because the film is set in the grim Alaskan winter, things go terribly wrong in this suspenseful and ominous thriller.

Libra: The Ritual

There is nothing a Libra loves more than the company of friends. So, if your sign is Libra, take a couple of your pals and sit down for The Ritual this Halloween. This movie is a perfect fit for any Libra’s spooky movie night because it is based around a tight-knit friend group, bonding over the loss of one of their members. But see what happens when this hiking trip goes terribly wrong!

Scorpio: Cargo

Scorpios are no stranger to bravery and selflessness. This sign will do whatever it needs to in order to protect its loved ones. This would make the Netflix Original Cargo a great fit for any Scorpio. This new spin on the zombie movie genre takes you through a father’s journey to find a safe place for his infant daughter to grow up in the world. This is a horror movie with a great story, making it a perfect pick for any Scorpio!

Sagittarius: Clinical

Netflix’s Clinical would be a great fit for any Sagittarius this Halloween. Clinical tells the story of a young therapist who has only ever wanted to help others, much like the selfless Sagittarius group. However, things go terribly wrong when one of her former patients comes back to haunt her, making this thrilling horror a great pick for any spooky movie night!

Capricorn: 1922

As a sign known for being well-disciplined and always doing the right thing, any Capricorn would love to escape into the world of 1922 this Halloween! When a man admits to killing his wife, the consequences of his actions come back to haunt him. If you’re looking for a real scare for your movie night, look no further than the chills and thrills of 1922.

Aquarius: Death Note

The Aquarius sign is known for being very humanitarian and fair-minded. They are always concerned with the well-being of others, and never afraid to stand up for what’s right. The movie Death Note is perfect for this sign, as it takes you through a thrilling story of seeking justice and fighting for the good guys. If you’re looking for a Netflix Original that merges Horror with Drama, Death Note is a great fit!

Pisces: I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in The House

The intuitive and artistic Pisces group would really appreciate a film like I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in The House. When a nervous nurse winds up with a new patient to care for, she had no idea what she was signing up for. Belonging to an ailing horror novelist, it turns out that her new home has many spooky secrets.

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