Spending Time With Friends Through Online Games

We are on our technology more and more each day due to being confined to the home. At this point, any social interaction even if it’s behind screens is comforting and greatly wished for. My friends and I have always found that online games can be just as fun as playing in person. The following are online games that my friends and I have been playing together to stay connected during our free time.

laptop and coffee

Create a Kahoot!

Every year I host a party for my high school friends, even after having graduated, where we can all get together and catch up on our separate lives in college. I make a Kahoot! each year that includes facts about my friends. It’s always fun seeing how well you know your friends and trying to guess on questions that you supposedly should know the answer to. Making a Kahoot! is really easy and you should all join a Zoom call while you play that to see everyone’s reactions to the questions. You can also make some on topics that you all know a lot about to test your trivia knowledge.

Draw with Skribbl

I recently started playing this with my friends going off the recommendation of one of them and it was simple to understand and really funny once we were into it. Skribbl is a Pictionary type game where each person takes a turn to draw a word and the other players must type the word into a chatbox. I highly recommend if you and your friends are terrible at drawing things because it makes it so much more hilarious to see what everyone guess-types in the chat. There is even an option to come up with your own words. My birthday was a few weeks ago and they came up with different words that they felt described me and it was really funny to see what kind of things they associated with me and try to actually draw them.

Laugh at Cards Against Humanity

Best game on the internet for a good laugh. There are a few options as to where to play a free online version of the game and you can find those different options listed out for you at the link. I would definitely set up a Zoom call for this game so you can really soak up the cringe that comes with playing this card game face-to-face. My friends and I have played this many times over the years to combat boredom and have something that we can do together without actually being in the same room.

Shout in Spaceteam

Spaceteam is fast-paced and gets pretty loud. I recommend that you set up a Zoom call on your laptops so that everyone can hear each other while being able to play the game on your phones. That being said, the game is available for free in the app store. The premise of the game is that you and your friends are a spaceship crew that is trying to keep from crashing. Each person has a different control panel that performs separate tasks. To keep the spaceship running, different task commands appear on different screens and you must shout out the commands as they appear so that whoever has the right control panel can complete the task. Due to everyone trying to be heard over each other, it gets to the point where you are shouting and screaming which makes for a fun time.

Make the most of your time at home by spending it with your friends and sharing some laughter during these days of uncertainty. I hope that these games can bring you positive social interaction and connection as they have brought me. Remember that your friends and family can still be with you even if not in-person.

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