Spend Your Spring Break Alternatively

Does anyone have spring break on the mind? Not yet? Well, you should! While everyone else will be making last minute plans, you could be making a difference. FSU Alternative Breaks offers an incredible experience that "facilitates service immersion experiences for students to serve with and in a diverse community, learn about social issues and develop as leaders and active citizens." And *drum roll please,* this year's social issues and locations have been announced!

FSAB will be serving in:

• Atlanta, GA (Refugee Resettlement)

• Cumberland Plateau, TN (Environmental Conservation)

• Selma, AL (Race & Human Rights)

• Sharpsburg, GA (Sustainable Agriculture)

• Boulder Creek, CA (Youth Development)

• Dominican Republic (Water & Sanitation)

Courtesy: FSAB

With opportunities both domestically and abroad, there's definitely a trip out there for you! Whether you choose a trip because of its focus or for the community being served, all the options are worthy causes that will show you how much of a difference someone can make. Each trip is catered to a specific social issue. Meetings prior to departure give you the opportunity to meet fellow volunteers as well as site leaders, all while you learn about your particular social issue and what you will be doing to address it. The trip is the really fun part, where you'll be given hands-on opportunities to have an impact in the local community.

 Courtesy: FSAB

One of the perks of FSAB is that you have the chance to meet so many incredible people who share common interests and goals. One past site leader believes, "this [is] the most influential life experience I have had in college; it really changed my motivation and goals in life. The memories we have made will last for a lifetime and the impact the community had on us will stay with us." A participant in the 2015 coral reef program agrees, "I really didn't have high expectations other than I wanted to make a difference and have a good time. All of these expectations were met to their fullest." I promise your friends will be there when you get back from break, and here's your chance to meet new people!

 Courtesy: FSAB

FSAB is a fun way to make a difference in the community while gaining leadership opportunities. After being given the chance to rebuild homes last year, one student admitted, "I didn't really know what to expect from my experience, but I'm leaving with so much! I have really grown into a better person during this past week." Florida State Alternative Breaks delivers exactly that, a unique opportunity! Instead of another spring break spent on the water (which is what you've done all those other years, and so has everyone else), here’s your chance to switch it up! Do something to help a community and make a lasting impression. I promise it'll be much more memorable down the road.

Courtesy: FSAB

Apply for your chance to make a difference! Applications for FSAB are due on Thursday, November 19th at 5 p.m. Still have questions? Contact Shantel at [email protected]. Check out where they’ve been here