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Plants have been the latest home decor trend and are an easy way to brighten a room. However, picking a plant from the wide selection and categories can be overwhelming. But it does not have to be! As someone who has recently begun to care for some plants of my own, I have compiled a list of easy plants to care for, as well as, the kind of care they need so you can become the best plant parent possible. Here are some easy indoor plants for beginners:


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Monsteras are tropical plants known for their full leaves and make wonderful house plants. Their leaves make them distinguishable from other tropical plants and look super cute. These plants flourish in medium indirect light, perfect for filling up the corner of the room! They need little water and should be watered about every one to two weeks. 


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Succulents come in all shapes and sizes making them ideal for any type of living space. They are adapted to dry conditions and only need watering every three to four weeks. Succulents do well in bright direct light, so I recommend putting them in a windowsill or by a window. 

Aloe Vera:

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An extension of the succulent family, aloe plants are known for their healing properties. These plants are excellent house plants because of this and the gel on the inside can be used to heal sunburn, cuts and even acne. Aloe Vera’s care is similar to succulent care. They do well in bright direct light and should be watered about every 3 weeks.

Spider Plants:

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Known for their long string-like leaves, air-purifying qualities and being impossible to kill, spider plants are the perfect indoor plants for beginners. These plants do well in bright indirect light or even low light, making them great for on top of shelves and tables. Water these plants once a week, and they will flourish!

Bird’s Nest Fern:


One of my personal favorites, and sitting in my room now, is the Bird’s Nest Fern. Typically small to medium-sized, the Bird’s Nest Fern is a cute addition to any space. These plants do well in medium indirect light allowing them the versatility to be placed anywhere in your house. Water these plants once a week and allow for the soil to dry out in between waterings!

Devil’s Ivy:

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Named Devil’s Ivy because they are hard to kill, these plants are great for those looking for some long greenery. These vines are great for dark spaces and need little light. Water these every one to two weeks when the soil becomes dry. 

Plants can vastly change the entire feel of a room. Not only that, but they can also give you something to care for. Becoming a plant parent can seem intimidating, but picking an easy, low maintenance first plant can help you improve your skills and move onto more advanced, difficult plants. By following these water schedules and light directions, you can ensure that your new green child has the best possible chances to grow. 

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