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Six of the Best “Tipsy Bartender” Drinks to Put You in the Halloween Spirit

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While scrolling through Facebook, you most likely come across different food videos with recipe tutorials from multiple outlets, like Food Panda and Tasty. However, food videos aren’t the only ones that you see while scrolling. Collegiettes, we’re talking about those delectable drinks.

Here are six irresistible Tipsy Bartender alcoholic beverages and treats to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Having a Halloween party? You can’t turn down these beverage options:


1. The Ultimate Halloween Jungle Juice

Courtesy: Youtube

Looking for a drink recipe to serve many? Here you go! This one comes with lots of fruit and lots of booze.


2. Pumpkin Beer Cooler

Courtesy: Youtube

Put away your basic everyday cooler and create this cool Halloween-themed pumpkin beer cooler for you and your guests to enjoy.


3. Eyeball Jell-O Shots

Courtesy: Youtube

What’s a party without Jell-O shots?



4. Zombie Brains Shot

Courtesy: Youtube

Based on the Walking Dead series, here is a cocktail that looks just like its name …ZOMBIE BRAINS.



5. Witches Brew

Courtesy: Youtube

Halloween party without any witches involved? I don’t think so. Check out the Witches Brew.



6. Halloween on a Budget

Courtesy: Youtube

College student? No worries – you can still have a drink and enjoy your Halloween on a budget.

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