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Sierra Hucks Gives Her Insight on What to Expect When You’re Expecting …In College

Name: Sierra Hucks

Age: 20

Hometown: Melbourne, FL

Major: Social Work

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Her Campus (HC): Congratulations! You’re achieving so much this year. How did you find out you were pregnant?

Sierra Hucks (SH): Well, I peed on a stick, haha. But anyway, I definitely didn’t think I was pregnant. I just thought I was sick. I had just gotten back from Costa Rica and figured I had gotten a stomach bug or something. My friends convinced me to take a pregnancy test before I made a doctor’s appointment, so I did and tested positive, and then I took another. I was definitely pregnant.

HC: What was your initial reaction to pregnancy?

SH: Oddly enough, I was calm. I just kinda said, “I guess I’m having a baby!”

HC: Feel free not to answer, but did you ever consider any alternatives to keeping your baby?

SH: No, there was never any alternative. I am religious, so I believe that everything is a part of God’s plan. Just because the timing doesn’t seem ideal doesn’t mean it isn’t actually for the best.

HC: I would assume that in your shoes most of us would be panicking―how did you stay so calm?

SH: I feel like it was important for me to remind myself that people have had children much younger than me. Plus, my boyfriend Ryan and I have been together since high school. He has been so supportive and willing to do anything and everything for our little family. My parents, my friends and my roommates have been too.

Courtesy: Scarlett Callahan

HC: Speaking of family, were you nervous to tell your parents?

SH: Yes, the only people I was scared to tell were my parents. I called my mom, and I sort of blurted it out thinking she may be mad or shocked, but she said, “It’s okay, you’re okay, we’re having a baby!”

HC: Did you reach out to any resources here in Tallahassee?

SH: The first thing I did was go to the FSU Wellness Center for an official test. They gave me tons of resources: people to talk to, places to go, etc. They also told me everywhere that would work with my insurance. My doctor was really excited for me, and she didn’t act like being pregnant in college was a scary thing. She was just genuinely nice and supportive.

HC: Do you see becoming a mother affecting your future plans?

SH: Yes, but maybe only really in tweaking my plans. So far I’ve been able to make everything work; I’m still on track to graduate, and I have a really light load. My plans and goals have not changed at all; I’m just going to be bringing my baby along with me!

HC: How has pregnancy affected being a student?

SH: I feel sick and hormonal a lot; it can be extra hard to be enthusiastic about going to class or working on projects sometimes, especially since I’m working and feel pretty tired most of the time.

HC: How is pregnancy NOT affecting your college experience?

SH: Well, I studied abroad this summer, and even though I was a few months pregnant, I was determined to make the very most of it. I could travel safely, and I wasn’t really showing yet, so I could still go out with all of my friends looking pretty fine. I met Will.i.am at a club in London, so I didn’t really miss out. I just skipped the hangovers. It’s my senior year, and it’s important to enjoy it.

HC: What are you most excited about?

SH: I was excited to find out I’m having a girl; she’s going to be cute as can be. Picking names and clothes and nursery themes for a girl is so fun for me. I also can’t wait for holidays with her―Christmas is going to be so cute, oh, and dressing up for Halloween! Ryan and I also have a dog, Kobe, and we are so so excited for him to be her big brother.

HC: You’re so brave for taking on being a mom in college with so much enthusiasm and an open-mind. What advice do you have for, say, another girl your age beginning pregnancy?

SH: I don’t want to push my values too hard or anything, but I would say first consider your options. I think it would be easy to freak out and panic and decide not to have the baby. Don’t assume you can’t do it, take the time to look into your options and look into yourself. As a woman and as a future mom, there are so many resources and so many people willing to support you. You might feel scared and alone, but the reality is that having a baby means never being alone again because you have someone to share everything with.


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