Is Shein Really Worth the Hype?

Shein has become a website that I will forever be obsessed with. Their prices are unbeatable, the clothes are always in fashion, and they always have what I’m looking for! I have navigated this website in and out for years now and I’m here to share with you just how great it is. Before we start shopping there are a few things we have to cover first.

What Every Beginner Should Know Before Shopping on Shein’s Website:

  1. Shein always has epic sales! I refuse to shop on their site unless they are having a sale because it’s so easy to save money. I signed up to receive texts so I never miss a sale. I also downloaded the Honey browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout! Every time I’ve purchased from their site there’s always been a coupon code that has saved me at least $4 or $5! #notspons
  2. Be careful when shopping on the site! Always read reviews before adding items to your cart. I never purchase anything that doesn’t have any reviews posted because I’m scared of the sizing being weird or the item turning out nothing like the picture. I cannot stress enough how important reading reviews are, and I’ve learned that the hard way. Just because you might be a medium in one item, doesn’t mean you’re a medium across the website.

How Do I Know What Size to Choose?

Like I said before, sizing can be tricky on their website. A lot of items tend to run small, especially bathing suits and certain tops so be sure to look out for that in the reviews! I am a size medium in most brands and usually buy mediums on Shein’s website. Most of the time, the items end up fitting perfectly, but I have had some experiences where things didn’t fit right. Some items that the website says are “cropped” turn out way more cropped than usual, so look out for that in the reviews too! If you’re a larger chested girl like me, this can be a problem. Overall, most items do fit true to size, but your best bet is to check out the reviews before choosing your size.

Are Their Clothes Actually Good Quality?

The short answer to this question is yes! For the prices being so low, I was shocked when I received my items in the mail and they actually felt nice! However, some cheaper items on the site are made with cheaper materials. I have a couple of items that don’t feel the highest quality, but still look great. You can’t really tell unless you touch the material.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Surprisingly, I’ve never had a problem with shipping. My packages always get here within a week, which is super quick! I always purchase shipping insurance for 99 cents at check out just in case a package gets lost or something, but I’ve always had great experiences with shipping.

My Experience with Pictures!

My most recent haul from Shein is one of my favorites ever! I didn’t have any problems with the items and everything fit great. Here are all the items I chose and how I styled them!

Courtesy: Giphy

All images courtesy of Sarah Bordeaux.

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