She.go Indigo Flexes Her Prowess in More Ways Than One

Musical and culinary artist Alyssah Serrano, known to many as she.go indigo, has been stirring the pot of the Florida music scene for the past several years. While she has been taking music seriously since 2014, she wrote and recorded her first song when she was thirteen. The naivety stemming from this newcomer status and her optimistic, “can-do” attitude has exposed her to the imminent dangers found in the music industry. Her support system consisting of friends, parents, peers, and other artists like The Nobodies, Pablo Vasquez, Skinny Scumbag, Big Baby, and Lil Scum have kept her grounded since the beginning.

For her first live performance as she.go, Alyssah opened for Pouya, Fat Nick and The Nobodies at a gig in Tampa. Since then, her wavy flow has cascaded down every beat she raps over, blanketing the songs with an unmistakably powerful feminine energy. Even when she.go covers other artists’ music, such as her rendition of Frank Ocean’s “White,” her style and sound transcend the familiar beat and instrumentals to create a totally new-sounding piece. Her song “Back to Black” pulls inspiration from the original, with samples of Amy Winehouse’s vocals in the background, giving a whole new perspective on the famed piece of art. Her song “Back to Black” pays tribute to Amy Winehouse’s original version by featuring samples in the background, giving a whole new perspective on the famed piece of art.

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She.go has expressed her gratitude for her long-time friend and producer AfroDraconis, the genius behind she.go’s hits “B2B” and “Venus Fly Trap.” The latter earned her a feature on Mass Appeal, with the first person she created music with, JahRahMF.

“I’ve met far too many people through music to name, but I owe a lot of my success to those two. I also met Adriahnna Curry from MIEUX when I was sixteen and have been lucky enough to have worked with her ever since.” She told us this as she elaborated on some of the opportunities she has been blessed with while on her musical journey. “I’ve accomplished a lot in the past five years. I’m very excited to continue my journey as an artist and even more as a lover and supporter of others on this creative path!”

Along with guests like @iamdoechii, the creative artist also runs an ongoing podcast, 5 Foot Ancient, where she shares advice on self-love, self-reflection and spirituality in general. The energies surrounding this artist are unmatched by many as she is able to inject a certain degree of sophistication and pure, raw passion into each of her projects.

Another project she.go indigo is starting up that will continue to represent the creative’s energies is The Pot is Hot, a kitchen kickback in collaboration with MIEUX. “As a mother and a woman, I believe sustenance is very important. I’ve simply chosen cooking as a medium, and I love, love, love to share,” she.go explained when asked about her relationship with culinary arts. “I like to know what fuels people. As creatives, it is vital that we balance our expression with healthy ingestion.”

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Through The Pot is Hot, she will be chef-ing it up with native Floridian artists to get to know how other creative individuals sustain themselves and their art while providing a new perspective on the local music scene. “There’s just something so wholesome about throwing down in the kitchen and engaging in soul-to-soul conversation.” She told us this before mentioning that she is hoping to start catering and vending at local shows to further her craft of cuisine.

The lyrical and spiritual prowess possessed and consistently exerted by she.go indigo with each forthcoming project is intoxicating—a feeling experienced by virtually all who come in contact with her work. This multi-talented artist has firmly cemented herself in the scene and will continue to extend her reach to different corners of creativity.