Seven Deadly Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship is Struggling

Yes, we’ve all tried to avoid it: the dreaded long-distance relationship. Going to a university away from home automatically sets you up for this if you're in a relationship. Either (a) you’re head over heels for your high school sweetheart and are more than determined to make it work while going to different universities or (b) you came into college single as a Pringle and found yourself a guy who’s everything you want and more, however, those trips back home make you wonder if the relationship is truly worth it. Here are seven deadly signs that can end your long-distance relationship:

1. Not Communicating

After having a rough day, calling your significant other to vent makes the day 110% better (and not just because they’re totally on your side of the argument every time). Having someone you can talk to or who listens is such a blessing. As we grow academically and socially in college, we will have busy schedules and that’s something both partners must understand; however, major RED FLAG if weeks go by without a call.

2. The Party Life

Very self-explanatory. This could either be a bump in your relationship or a mountain that can’t be moved. Situations can vary with your boyfriend or girlfriend being worried that you’re going to too many parties or you being worried that they have to take someone else to a date function because you can’t make it. This deadly sign is tricky because you don’t want to put your party life over your relationship yet, but you’re only in college once and you might start to feel like you’re missing out.

3. Making Zero Effort

This deadly sign can be applied to many things. Women love seeing the effort from our significant others. Good morning texts, random goofy snaps and Facetime calls are all awesome; however, when this changes drastically, we can’t help but think something is off. Less and less visits are being planned and you’re starting to realize you only see each other when you both go back home.

4. Not Growing Together

The beauty of growing up and gaining independence is that you can feel yourself maturing semester by semester. The same should apply in relationships. There’s nothing more beautiful than a relationship where not only both of you are growing individually and academically, but together as a power couple. Unfortunately, sometimes we feel as though we hit a plateau and we don’t know where the spark has gone.

5. Lacking Trust

Like sign number three, this sign can be widely applied. Living away from each other, you must be completely sure that you wholeheartedly trust your significant other. If the relationship is lacking in trust, you will start to notice the relationship being susceptible to the littlest things. Tiny fights turn into huge blow outs. This sign is one of the more serious ones that can seriously harm your relationship.

6. Comfort

If you're too uncomfortable apart or too comfortable being apart can both be detrimental to the relationship. Maybe you’re starting to notice you like being away from your significant other more than being with them, or maybe you feel that the distance is tough and you can’t stand the feeling of being away.

7. Cheating

Humans crave physical touch and attention and sometimes when it’s severely lacking, we look for it in others. Whether you or your partner cheated, this could mean long distance may not be the best option and a break in the relationship could be needed.

Courtesy: Unsplash

If you’ve made it to the end STAY CALM, clearly you care a lot about your relationship and just want to make it work. Most of this can be solved with just a conversation. Stay clear from ignoring the problem and acting in a passive-aggressive manner. If you ever start feeling as if you hit a low spot, make sure to take note and try to work through it. We’re at a beautiful stage in our lives and relationships should never feel passionless.