Seminoles Prove Themselves in the NFL Combine

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It is no surprise that Florida State Football produces an elite kind of football player. Jimbo Fisher conditions the players to have a chance at the National Football League, and he is one of the best at it. Last year at the NFL combine, the Seminoles showed up and represented Florida State like no other. Remember that star quarterback who went number one overall in the 2015 NFL Draft? I think his name was Jameis Winston, or something like that. This year’s draft is from April 28 to the 30, and several of the Seminoles are projected to fare very well.

This year’s draft class for the Seminoles is one that is just as strong as last years, and they continued to prove themselves in the combine. There are six Seminoles that competed at the recent NFL combine, and will look for a chance to play professionally in the NFL. For those of you wondering what a combine is, it’s a scouting event that allows NFL teams to see the players who are entering the draft. This years was hosted from February 23 through 29. Think of it as shopping for a new puppy. You go visit the puppy, you play with it and you see if it is a good enough puppy to come home with you. Obviously the combine is a lot more complicated than this, but that is the premise behind it. You want to see how your puppy will perform before you write it a contract.

The combine includes a series of drills that the players are judged on. These drills include the 40-yard dash, the vertical jump, a 20-yard shuttle, the broad jump, a three-cone obstacle and a bench press performance test. Here’s how our ‘Noles fared at the combine.  

Roberto Aguayo, K (Kicker)

Aguayo did not participate in drills, but we all know how good of a kicker he is already. Not many kickers leave college early to enter the draft, but Aguayo is just that good. He is projected to go significantly early in the draft, which is no surprise because he is the best prospect at his position that is participating in it.

Lamarcus Brutus, DB (Defensive Back)

Brutus is one of the hardest players out on the football field. He works to increase his abilities and has the right mindset to be a ball player in the NFL. He is smart and knows the game of football, and goes with his gut in sticky situations. The only downfall of Brutus is his lack of speed.

Jalen Ramsey, DB (Defensive Back)

Ramsey is an obvious favorite who is entering the draft, and he is projected to go in the top five overall. He has consistently proved himself as a football player, becoming one of the shining stars of the Seminoles this past season. He has been compared to Patrick Peterson who is one of the best DBs in the game right now. He had one of the best performances in the combine. Ramsey even has the potential to follow in Jameis Winston’s footsteps, and even go number one overall. 

Courtesy: Chop Chat

Nile Lawrence-Stample, DT (Defensive Tackle)

Lawrence-Stample is another Seminole that did not participate in drills at the combine. Defensive tackles are usually the biggest players on the defense, and Lawrence-Stamples fits right into this description. He is a big and strong guy that is hard to move or get around, which is what is needed in his position. He basically requires to be double teamed, which allows his fellow players to make plays easier.

Giorgio Newberry, DL (Defensive Line)

Newberry is one of those names that you can recognize from hearing it over the loudspeaker at Seminole football games. He has the perfect size to be a key player in any defense, but he looks a little stiff for the position. Jury is still out on this one.

Terrance Smith, LB (Linebacker)

Smith is a versatile athlete who can sprint off into any direction without notice. He has fantastic speed and footwork, which is needed when being a linebacker. He has the ability to find the paths that others do not see, and explode out of them with nobody being able to catch him. Since he is so fast, he is able to keep up with the rest of the opposing offense, allowing him to play the great defense we all know and love.