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Seeing Spots: The Frenzy Over Polka Dots!

For the fall and winter time, a classic design is polka dots! They are easy to work with because they can be black and white. If you are more daring, many stores showcase the print in multiple colors. Polka dots have been a great fabric since the 1950s, and today are still a fabulous style.



In this look, the model dons a cutesy black and white polka dot dress. She accompanies it with a bold, skinny red belt.



In this next look we see the gorgeous and trendy Blake Lively wearing blue polka dotted pants! She makes the slightly eccentric pattern work by adding a basic white tee and white purse. She makes the look more casual with loose hair and minimal makeup—a perfect look for school!



In this picture, the model is wearing polka dots on her sweater. For colder weather, incorporating polka dots into your leggings, sweaters, tights or coats will be the perfect addition to building your wardrobe!

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