Sarah Baker: The Newest PINK Representative

Name: Sarah Baker

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology & Biology

Greek Life: Alpha Gamma Delta

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Courtesy: Sarah Baker

Her Campus (HC): How did you know FSU was the school for you?

Sarah Baker (SB): I didn’t actually! I’m local, but I moved to Tallahassee from San Diego when I was 16. Because I’m from a military family, we moved around a lot, so it was always a question of where I would go to school. For the longest time, I had it in my head that I would go back to California and go to either SDSU or UCSD, but it turned out getting a full ride honors scholarship to TCC was a lot more desirable than paying out of state tuition. Once I graduated, I really felt drawn to Florida State. It’s hard to live in this town for as long as I have and not fall in love with the 'Noles.

HC: What about your major? How did you know that’s what you wanted to pursue?

SB: I knew that I wanted to pursue Psychology and Biology, and Florida State happens to have excellent programs for both. It’s funny, because in the last year or so, I have really changed perspectives on what I want to do with my life. I originally wanted to be a Physical Therapist, and in many ways I still think that it would be a career path that would ultimately bring me a lot of satisfaction. But college is a time for experimenting and following your heart. I currently work part time at Victoria’s Secret as a Sales Specialist, I’ve been in that position for 3 years, and I honestly can’t imagine myself ever leaving. I’ve decided to pursue a corporate job with the company (Limited Brands) after graduation.

HC: How did that influence what you joined on campus?

SB: Well, coming into Florida State, I already had a pretty good resume. At TCC, I served as the Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and was Treasurer of the Honors Program. I was also a member of the TCC Forensics Team (Speech and Debate) and competed Statewide and Nationally. Coming to Florida State, I knew that I wanted to be involved in Greek Life, which was how I found my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. More than anything I wanted a place where I had the unwavering support of people who would never consider me as anything less than a sister, but I also wanted to get plugged into campus, get involved in philanthropies and generally better myself as a woman. I also wanted to be involved in an academic sense the same way I was at TCC, so I joined the Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society and I recently applied to be a Captain for Dance Marathon, so fingers crossed!

HC: I hear that you’re also one of the reps for PINK's Victoria Secret - tell me about it.

SB: Becoming the PINK Campus Representative for FSU was the next step I took in getting Victoria’s Secret to notice me, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best internships ever. I get to do and experience so many things I would never have gotten to do otherwise and PINK definitely shows us the love. Myself, and our other Florida State Rep Jamie Holley, plan events and create buzz around fun, new products from PINK to get the campus excited and create awareness about the brand. It’s hard, rewarding work and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing with my time. I love PINK and the way that they focus on who their customers are. They are always trying to understand what makes college women tick, which is why I think they are so successful in what they do!

HC: What influenced you to try and become a PINK representative since it’s not correlated to your major?

SB: Honestly the fact that it wasn’t correlated to my major didn’t hold me back because I knew that it would equip me with the tools that I needed to get into the industry, even though my major is a bit far off in left field with the direction I’m going in now. So far I’ve learned a lot about marketing, advertising, and event planning and I know those skills will continue to be honed as the year goes on. If there’s one thing I’ve learned at this point, it’s that my undergrad major doesn’t really matter, especially since I’m getting a lot of experience now and plan to pursue either an MBA or masters in marketing.

HC: For someone trying to become a rep for next year what advice would you give them?

SB: To do this job, you really have to love PINK. Trust me when I say that it’s more work than it looks like and you’re basically a step down from Rachel Hilbert in the sense that you are the face of the brand and you’re the mainline of connection from the company to whom they are trying to reach (i.e. college women). Share how involved you are on campus, be energetic, but most importantly share how much you love PINK. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Courtesy: Sarah Baker

HC: If I wanted to stay current in all upcoming events and news regarding FSU’s PINK what would I do?

SB: Easy, follow us @vspinkfsu on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, our Blog and our Facebook page. We do giveaways all the time and will keep you updated on the latest PINK Fashion and events on campus. You can also follow Jamie (@jamielee26) and myself (@vspinkrep) on Instagram because we post pictures to promote events on campus! We have a PINK Event coming up on November 3rd and PINK will be visiting us with Limited Edition FSU merchandise, so keep an eye out for that and RSVP on Facebook!

HC: Latest Netflix/television binge?

SB: I have so many, this isn’t a fair question. House of Cards and The Originals (Vampire Diaries spinoff) are the two current obsessions, but one show I’ve been watching is Fear the Walking Dead. I’m already hooked and it just started.

HC: What’s your favorite FSU memory?

SB: The PINK Welcome Week Event we had in August! It was amazing to see all of the students rally together and get us from 42nd place in Campus Showdown to 3rd in less than eight hours!