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Samantha Goldmacher: A Selfless Inspiration

Name: Samantha Goldmacher

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Relationship Status: Taken

Her Campus (HC): You are involved in so many things at FSU, how do you balance it all?

Samantha Goldmacher (SG): I try to balance all of my involvement and personal life by staying organized. Every day I make a to-do list of the things I need to get done first. From there, I schedule in free time for myself for at least 1-hour everyday. Whether that be going to the gym, watching re-runs of FRIENDS or Saturday Night Live. My hour is my time to be able to breathe and relax. Maintaining organization and structure is so important to me because it really keeps me on track. My love for each thing I am involved with on this campus makes balancing everything so easy. I truly value each thing I am involved with at Florida State and my passion for every single involvement keeps me going. So do the people I work with, they are the most inspiring humans I know. Oh, and getting a good night’s sleep is important too. #inbedby10pm

HC: Who do you look to for support when you seem to be running low on energy?

SG: I have an incredible support group of friends that keep me going. My biggest support though is definitely my boyfriend, Steven. He is my biggest cheerleader and serves as a constant boost of positivity when days get stressful. He always knows exactly when to show up to my door with cupcakes or a hug. He’s an incredible person and I am so lucky to have someone who stands by me in everything I do.

HC: What are some other things you are involved with?

SG: I have been involved with Sigma Delta Tau for four years, serving on the executive board my sophomore year as Vice President of Communications. I served on the Panhellenic Recruitment Staff as one of the Co-Head Recruitment Counselors. I serve on the Dance Marathon Executive Board as The Morale Chair, and have the incredible opportunity to work with 85 amazing Morale Captains (hi kids!), and I currently intern at the Center for Couple and Family Therapy.

HC: Let’s talk about your love for DM and FTK. What is so special about this organization?

SG: I don’t think I have enough room to put my love for this organization down on paper. But, I will try my best. Dance Marathon at Florida State is one of those things that instantly attracted me. I have always had a passion for working with kids and I had heard through my Greek organization about ways to get involved. There is something about the energy you have when working with this group of leaders. Their passion is real. Their reasons to be a part of the organization are incredible, and humbling. This organization is truly special because it brings together diverse students from different areas of campus for one cause. I would never have been able to meet some of the most intelligent, inspiring, and passionate people that turned into a family without this organization. For the kids means doing everything you can to give these children and their families fighting serious illnesses one more day. All they want is one more day to just a kid, and Dance Marathon at Florida State helps gives kids their one more day.

HC: Being a senior, what is the one thing you’ll miss the most at FSU?

SG: The one thing I will most about FSU is the people. In my four years here, I have made everlasting friendships, incredible connections, and I will definitely miss the ability to see so many familiar faces when walking around campus.

HC: Where is your favorite place to go to in Tallahassee?

SG: Jasmines Café. You can catch Steven and me there probably two times a week. It’s our go-to food spot.

HC: What is your dream job?

SG: To be Rapunzel at Walt Disney World, but my hair isn’t long enough.

HC: Lastly, what inspirational quote/saying do you live by?

SG: “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”

Florida State Univeristy Retail Merchandising & Product Development MajorCommunications Minor
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