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Samantha Adler: A Leader with a Captivating Heart

Name: Samantha Adler

Age: 20                      

Year: Junior              

Hometown: Pembroke Pines, Florida

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Her Campus (HC): What are some of the organizations you are a part of?

Samantha Adler (SA): Zeta Tau Alpha President, Garnet and Gold Key, Best Buddies, and Phired Up! Intern.

HC: Throughout your college career what are you most proud of achieving?

SA: I have not only grown tremendously as a human being at FSU but also watched myself develop as a leader. It has been almost like an out of body experience seeing my own potential. I would say I am most proud of earning my Presidency at Zeta Tau Alpha and making deep meaningful relationships with people I truly admire.

HC: How did you know Zeta was the right chapter for you?

SA: I am super indecisive so going through recruitment I didn’t know how I was going to find “my home”. It was the unspoken moments that made me confident in my decision. On the third day of recruitment I cried in Zeta for no reason and the girl rushing me not only didn’t judge me but she also encouraged me to be vulnerable. In that moment I knew I could be the truest form of myself here. Along with other factors, moments and newfound relationships, this was one moment that made the decision so clear.

HC: Comparing your freshman year of college to now, how differently do you see the importance of your sorority?

SA: Coming to college I knew I wanted to rush but I didn’t really know what that meant. Now I don’t go a moment in a day without thinking about my chapter and my sisters. I credit Zeta for bringing purpose, love, and unlimited possibilities as well as relationships into my life. I believe deeply in fraternity and sorority life and being part of my sisterhood couldn’t mean more to me.

HC: Have you always wanted to hold an executive position within Zeta?

SA: On bid day I called my grandparents and told them the news. The first thing my grandma said was, “you are going to be the president one day!” I knew it was in me to give back to my chapter. I think it was the passion that led to the interest in holding a position, not the other way around.

HC: How has being president changed your way of thinking?

SA: I am a terrible perfectionist. Presidency has shaped my way of thinking to looking towards progression rather than perfection. I am committed to think in terms of my entire chapter and always intending for my actions, goals, and plans to have a positive impact on each of them. I am genuinely enthusiastic everyday about this opportunity!

HC: What is a normal day like for you?

SA: The best part is that everyday is different. I love it because it is a new adventure and learning lesson that never fails to keep me on my toes. I have learned to expect the unexpected and go with what the chapter needs from me that day! Most days involve class, meetings, homework, and the Zeta couch.

HC: Where do you go/what do you do to relieve your stress?

SA: I rely on my parents and my boyfriend (Brandon Perlman) a lot. They are definitely my escape and they understand me when I need to just be human.

Also…to-do lists. I would not survive without them.

HC: Who do you consider your role model?

SA: Well, you know how everyone at some point grows out of the phase thinking their parents are superheroes? Well, I still haven’t. Its not that I don’t think they can do no wrong, it is just that they do so much good. At the end of the day they are my overall inspiration and support so I guess the easy answer would be them. BUT (here is where the indecisiveness kicks in) my brother is also a rock star. He is literally a classified genius, with the looks and the heart…so how can you not idolize that? The last person I can’t leave out is my big, Emily Singrossi. She is the woman who has it all. Between raising over $1,000 in 12 days to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua, volunteering to help with any projects she can get her hands on, all while never wavering in her dreams of becoming an engineer. She has never met a stranger and just encompasses what being “beautiful” really means. (Don’t worry I have arranged the marriage between my brother and her!)

Obviously I can’t choose just one. One of my favorite things about my life is that I have a list a mile long of people that I admire and that have qualities I aspire to attain. I guess I define role model as someone who I can only imagine being like one day.

HC: Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone thinking about holding an executive position within his or her chapter?

SA: Never lose sight of your purpose and always lead with integrity. I hope that your passion always outranks the uncertainties or insecurities you face and that you feel the undeniable rewards of giving back to your chapter and the community.

Florida State Univeristy Retail Merchandising & Product Development MajorCommunications Minor
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