'Riverdale' is Back, and We're Breaking Down What You Need to Know to Catch Up

*Spoilers ahead*

If you’re anything like me, you try to stay away from cheesy teen dramas. They all feel like the same he-said-she-said melodrama, and honestly, we all get enough of that in real life. So, when I heard about Riverdale, I originally dismissed it as another corny CW show (which it totally is) but I figured I’d check it out anyway because the LOML Cole Sprouse decided it was worth his time. Long story short, I came for Cole Sprouse, but I stayed for the addicting plot twists. Anyway, the show just had its winter premiere, so here’s what you missed last season:

1. Fred Andrews is alive!

Honestly, thank God. Fred is literally the only good parent left in all of Riverdale, I swear. If he died, I really don’t know if Archie (or I) would recover.

2. There’s a serial killer loose in Riverdale.

This hooded assassin not only shot Archie’s dad in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, but also killed Miss Grundy (with her own cello bow). I didn’t like her anyway, but does that mean she deserved to die? Probably not. Either way, this killer has made it clear he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

3. The killer calls himself The Black Hood.

In the third episode of the season, the Coopers receive a letter from Riverdale’s resident executioner telling them to call him The Black Hood because he wears a black hood. Not very original in my eyes, but I guess it’s his life, so he can pick a lame assassin name if he so desires.

4. Archie thinks he can be a vigilante.

After another Black Hood attack, Archie found The Red Circle, a vigilante group intended to protect the students of Riverdale High. He posts a video on the Internet, egging on the Black Hood, and SHOWS HIS FACE. I mean, what kind of idiot…? He finds himself in way over his head, and pretty soon, The Red Circle is no more.

5. There’s some sketchy stuff happening in the Lodge household.

I have a bad feeling about Hiram Lodge. Not just because he was in jail, but he really just seems like a snake. Veronica reluctantly lets him back into her life, but he’s still being super sketchy about his “business affairs.” V wants to know more about the family business, but her parents are hesitant to let her in on everything, which leads Veronica to believe they’re hiding something bad. Which they probably are.

6. The Black Hood apparently has Betty’s cell phone number.

Somehow, The Black Hood gets a hold of Betty’s number and starts phone-stalking her, ordering her around and getting all possessive because “if he can’t have her, no one can.” Like the badass Betty is, she doesn’t want anything to do with his mind games, but he threatens to kill her sister Polly, so she complies. He basically tells her to drop all her friends, including her boyfriend, which she does to protect them.

7. RIP Bughead.

The Black Hood is certainly no saint, but splitting up Betty and Jug is, by far, the worst thing he’s ever done.

8. Jughead is a Serpent?

I get that he’s trying to continue his father’s legacy, but he was pretty rash about his decision. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

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10. And FP is finally out of jail.

AND he wants to put his days of crime behind him. What a man! I guess prison really does change you. FP decides to retire from the Serpents, but upon finding out Jughead got himself into a mess with Riverdale drug lord Penny Peabody, he decides to stay to protect his son. Jughead, ya done goofed!

11. RIP Varchie and Bughead (for real this time).

Turns out Veronica has some issues and can’t admit she loves Archie back, causing the pair to split. And Bughead seems to be done for good (for now, at least) after Jughead realizes Betty could end up getting hurt because of his mistakes. My heart hurts.

12. The Black Hood is finally dead.

…Or is he? I’m not convinced. Archie and Betty catch the Black Hood in the final episode of the season and find out he’s the janitor from their high school in a total Scooby Doo unmasking moment. All the facts seem to line up, but it feels a little too predictable to me.

13. Surprise: there’s a new creep in Riverdale.

The mid-season finale closed with a Varchie reunion, but while us viewers are enjoying this sweet moment, some creep is snapping pics of them from a bush outside Archie’s house. Perhaps the photographer was in cahoots with The Black Hood? Who knows, but tune into Riverdale on the CW, Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. to find out if I’m right!

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