Restaurant Review: Brick Haus Pizza Is a Hit

Not sure what that low-hanging brick building stationed next to Sigma Pi is? It is, in fact, a new pizza place. While it may be an odd location, it's sure to bring in a bevy of hungry students. I guarantee you'll rejoice after experiencing the pasta at this place. It’s a new place in town that isn’t another commercial chain, simply a cozy Italian restaurant. What more could you ask for?

Brick Haus Pizza, located at 402 W. College Ave, is a delectable Italian Bistro and Corner Pub. Nestled on a street next to apartment complexes and happy hour bars, this newly opened restaurant is a refreshing change from the usual bar-time chatter. The interior is quintessentially quaint and unassuming, dark wooden tables and large picture windows create a light-hearted feel. The simple tables and low lighting don't pretend to be anything it isn't. The exterior building is homey and inviting, a good place to go with friends on a quiet Saturday night. Upon arrival, a hostess opens the door with a smile, a welcome change from the fast-paced fast food restaurants of Tennessee Street. When I visited, the wait was short and the service was well-paced and personable, something that was an inviting surprise.

Courtesy: Amanda Edelman

Sure to please, the menu offers up a variety of options, all stationed on an aesthetically pleasing menu. Appetizers range from tasty, sizzling mozzarella sticks and basket-cased garlic knots to fried calamari and loaded fries. There’s also a fully-stocked bar of alcoholic beverages and Pepsi products. The wait time for the food is quick, an easy feat in a sit down restaurant of this variety. The eggplant parmesan is a full serving and delightfully delicious. Served with a side of spaghetti, it's a great dish to celebrate a long week of classes. There is also a large range of chicken, veal and hot sub dishes. The salad and soup options are well stocked with veggies and substance. The burgers and calzones are satisfying and perfectly portioned, filled with cheesy goodness. Seriously, the cheese in the calzones is crazy.

Courtesy: Amanda Edelman

The experience of Brick Haus is a lovely one. Lovely because the staff, servers and the entire team is working hard to deliver the best experience. There's no showy opulence here. It is what it is with this restaurant: good food, good people and enough garlic rolls to keep you stuffed and needing a nap.

The overall experience was a good one. Nothing over-the-top or knock-it-out-of-the-park crazy, but the standard classics. Everything was well received and upon driving by the next night, the place was boasting with students and families alike. I predict there will be a steady stream of students looking for a good bite to eat at an affordable price and a sustainable amount of people finding their next favorite Italian spot.

Sure to leave you sated and smiling, Brick Haus Italian Bistro and Corner Pub is a delightful treat here in town. 

Courtesy: Amanda Edelman