The Regrets of a Couch Potato

If you are like me and have a busy schedule, you can understand why I love being a couch potato. My normal week used to mainly consist of me going from class straight to work while finding time to go to the gym and maintain my social life. After work, I had to eat dinner and finish my homework, which would take up the rest of my day. Whenever I finished assignments early, I would just sit at home and binge cheesy reality TV shows like Love Island. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hang out with people, but my bed is just so comfortable. Staying inside all day in a warm blanket, eating good food and watching entertaining TV shows is the fastest way to my heart. This is what I mainly did every Sunday because this was my one day of rest during the week. I would wake up at noon, hang out on the couch, find something to watch and have a self-care Sunday. But now my self-care Sundays are nothing special because I am home every day now. I never thought I’d miss my jam-packed schedule of going to classes in person and scarfing down a snack before I had to go to work. Now my work has shut down and I’m staring at a computer screen for all my classes.

girl with laptop Photo by from Pexels

I never realized how much I enjoyed going outside because I was so used to it. I tried to avoid going outside sometimes just because I didn’t feel like interacting with anyone. Now I regret all those invitations I turned down every college night at Bullwinkle’s. My friends were having a fun time and making unforgettable memories while I was at home doing nothing. I always told myself I would get another chance since my friends loved to party. “There will always be another party,” I told myself. While this is true, I wish I didn’t have that mentality and just spent time with them. I couldn’t care less about the party; I just want to have fun with my friends. Once I am an adult, I’ll have a lot more responsibilities and won’t be able to party and go out drinking every weekend. This time being stuck inside has given me a chance to reflect on my college experience.

Girl and window Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Sometimes, I wish I was more social because college is more than classes. This experience will be with me forever and I should try to make the best of it. Even though this pandemic completely ruined my plans for senior year, I hope I’ll get another chance. I have one more semester at FSU left and hopefully, everything will be back to normal after summer. Instead of being a couch potato, I’ll make more use of my time and attend all the events I can. Instead of saying next time, I need to push myself to live in the present. I don’t want to look back on my years at FSU and regret all the things I didn’t do. I also need to realize that I can’t plan for the future because no one knows what life will throw at them. Who could have predicted this pandemic? Certainly not me. Now I just lay in bed and think about all the things I miss at FSU. I miss working out at the Leach Center, sitting next to my friends in class and FSU’s intense school spirit. For my fellow couch potatoes out there, try to go out with your friends more and make unforgettable memories. You don’t realize what life experiences you could be missing out on.

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