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The Reality TV Shows That Are Keeping Me Going

I hate to admit it, but I spent most of my childhood and teen years binging E! Network, Bravo and TLC shows that I would consider to be “so bad, they’re good.” I’m an only child and I spent a lot of time watching cable with my family, so I would spend the better part of my afternoons and weekends with my eyes glued to whatever reality TV show was on that day.

This love for “bad” TV just continued to grow and now here I am having watched more Keeping Up with The Kardashians and Chrisley Knows Best than I am willing to admit. Thankfully, this obsession of mine has allowed me to become a Reality TV Connoisseur and I’ll be sharing my favorite ones with you today!

Keeping Up with The Kardashians

Kris Jenner taking a video
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Probably the most iconic of the bunch, this is actually the show that I have been watching the longest time. My love for this dramatic, chaotic family started around 2016 when I read that Khloe Kardashian said, “Being fat really saved me from being a wh*re.” From then on, I just knew that I would relate to these girls way too much. There are constant fights happening between the sisters while their mom plays the witness to all the dumb sh*t they do. Lavish vacations and traumatic relationships find a way into each season and the memes that emerge from every single episode are to die for. Although they might seem self-centered and distant from us “regular folk,” the Kardashians are going through all of the same things we are, just unfortunately under a very public and speculative eye. If you’re going to give any of these shows a chance, I suggest it be this one as I think there’s something for everyone to like.

Chrisley Knows Best

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This show follows the lives of Todd Chrisley and his family while they navigate through being rich and famous in Nashville, Tennessee. Todd gained his wealth by being a real estate agent, which is probably why my dad (who is also a real estate agent) loves watching this show with me. Actually, he’s the one who introduced me to Chrisley Knows Best and now every time I’m home we make it a habit to watch at least a couple episodes. This show is a tad bit more relatable and funnier, in my opinion, since the family is so similar to mine: the controlling, irritable father; the sweet, caring mother; the know-it-all, deceptive children; and the crazy, hilarious grandma. There’s no serious drama and nothing to worry about in this show, which makes it the perfect “put on while you’re watching TikToks on your phone” show.

Say Yes to the Dress

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Arguably the sweetest of all the reality tv shows ever, Say Yes to the Dress is the perfect show for people who like a dash of family drama with their fashion. Each episode features a new soon-to-be bride that is on the hunt for her perfect wedding dress. They are accompanied by friends and family who will always bring a little spice to the fitting and Randy Fenoli, the fashion director, acts as the person finding these women their dress gowns. I am absolutely obsessed with this show because it’s so lighthearted and showcases some of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen. Not to mention, Randy and his team are all sweethearts that are willing to do anything to make sure the client’s wedding day is magical. From watching this since I was a little girl, I have an album on my phone with pictures of dresses from this show and I can promise you that someday I will be buying my dream dress from Kleinfeld’s in New York.

Big Brother

Julie Chen in front of big brother sign
Big Brother / Giphy

This may not be what you think of when you first hear the term “reality TV” since it is more of a competition-based show, but I can promise you that it hits all the marks the previously mentioned shows do, but with more of a pizazz. A group of “House Guests” move into a house together where they are isolated from the outside world, monitored 24/7 and compete in competitions to win $500,000. Alliances, deception, relationships and serious conversations make up the majority of this show when competitions aren’t being played. When they are being played, you can bet that you’ll be hooting and hollering, hoping that your favorite contestant will come out on top and win Head of Household, which means they are safe from eviction. Big Brother is by far the most high-stake, stressful reality TV show out of this bunch, and you can catch me watching it every single summer with my mom. I’m fairly certain that after watching over 10 seasons of it throughout the years that I could out-game and deceive my way into that half-million-dollar prize. 

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