Rachel and The City: The Three P’s

Scrolling through Instagram (as usual), I came across a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge lit up at night with the Manhattan skyline in the background. I just kept thinking to myself how surreal it is, even after a month living here, that I am a part of that background—a tiny speck within the bright lights, the high heels, the city of dreams. 

• • •

I’m trying to come up with a theme for each week I get to share my summer with you. The last time you read from me, I was a girl with a book, a pair of sunglasses, and an empty metrocard. Not much has changed, but this week brings us to the three P’s—people, press, and parks. You’re probably thinking, "well obviously you’re surrounded by people, Rachel—you live in Manhattan." And you’re right, but let’s just say I haven’t been around the type of people I’m used to. Take a peek and see for yourself.


• James Franco | Palo Alto

When I found out that James Franco was having his last Q&A session that just so happened to be on the Lower East Side, I knew I just couldn’t miss it. Not to mention, I’ve been waiting to see Palo Alto for months now and the June 12th event would be the last screening in the Manhattan area. So I hurried home from work, made sure my iPhone was fully charged, then walked my Franco-obsessed self all the way to the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. After waiting two hours to get into the movie, watching the entire film, then waiting a little bit longer (what’s a few more minutes, anyway), the hat-wearing, coffee-drinking writer and actor (did I mention it was 10pm?) sat three rows in front of me as he gave the audience some of his time to talk about his works.

• Red Carpet | The Fragrance Foundation Awards

Photographers, reporters, screams of joy, ah-mazing wardrobes—on July 16th I covered the red carpet for DuJour at the 2014 Fragrance Foundation Awards. I interviewed celebs such as actor Kellan Lutz, polo player and face of Ralph Lauren, Nacho Figueras, and model Arizona Muse. Among the attendees were fashion-icons Coco Rocha and Carine Roitfeld, even former pro-hockey player Sean Avery. I can’t describe how amazing it felt doing what I love, not to mention at the world-renowned Lincoln Center! I’m so grateful for the opportunity—truly a New York moment.

• Norah Jones, Ryan Adams | McIntosh Vinyl Experience

In an intimate setting at a Midtown lounge, I had the privilege to be in the presence of singer/songwriter Ryan Adams and early 2000s Grammy-winning artist, Norah Jones. I’ve loved Norah for years—ever since I heard her voice for the first time in Maid in Manhattan. In my combats and leather jacket, I sat and listened to the songwriters’ favorite vinyls along with some upcoming releases of their own. I even snapped a selfie with Norah herself, but I totally froze when I wanted to tell her how empowering her voice is. It was such a unique experience.



I headed over to the TOCCA showroom for a quick press preview of their fall/holiday collection and let me just tell you… it's to-die-for. The beautifully designed Chelsea showroom lined with all-things TOCCA unexpectedly filled me with creative inspiration. I can’t wait to shop the new collection and for those of you collegiettes not familiar with the beauty brand, check it out!


• Hudson River Park

Since I wasn’t at home with my dad to celebrate Father’s Day, I knew I had to make the most out of my Sunday in the city. My Sperrys and I aimlessly wandered over to the Hudson River Park, overlooking the water that separated myself from Hoboken. I sat writing on the grass with a coffee by my side, taking in the Manhattan air as sunbathers, dogs, and children surrounded me—truly bliss.