Rachel and The City: A New York Minute

One day it’s May and the next you’re saying goodbye at work. Packing and getting on the plane were a blur. As I ascended into the air, I looked out towards the Manhattan skyline—I didn’t feel finished. I then realized that I didn’t feel finished because it’s not the end for me. I may be leaving the city, but I’m returning to another one—Tallahassee. As the fall semester rolls in, once again I will update you ladies on the latest fashion, style, trends and everything in between. Below I’ve captured some of my last memories in the city. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Until next time, New York.

My best friend and I at the Met Rooftop Garden & Bar 

Coney Island 

Jeff Koons Retrospective – The Whitney Museum of American Art

Jennifer Coolidge, Sussie Essman and Joy Behar at Lavo Nightclub

Spotted in SoHo

Washington Square Park