Rachel and The City: Lessons From Joan Rivers

I can’t help but wonder why we always tend to appreciate people and moments as soon as they’ve passed. The other day I came across a quote tweeted by one of my Twitter followers that read, “Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you’ll never get the same moment twice.” And as we reflect on Joan Rivers, we realize we don’t get college twice. We don’t get our youth, our experiences, our life twice. While many people hated to love Joan, this week we highlight a few of Joan’s admirable traits, transforming them into lessons us Collegiettes should embrace within ourselves.

 Speak your mind

Whether it’s on E!’s Fashion Police or in response to her infamous red carpet line, “Who are you wearing?” Joan has never been afraid to say what everyone else is thinking. Recently, regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East, Joan defended Israel in regards to Selena Gomez’s pro-Hamas comment. Comparing the conflict to a hypothetical scenario with New York and New Jersey throwing bombs at each other, Joan freely expressed her opinions while making valid points. Here at FSU, it’s important for Collegiettes to speak up. Nobody should ever be afraid to say what’s on their mind (especially in class) even if you think the majority tends to disagree with your views. Having a voice will get you far — I promise. Be you.

Embrace your style

Sometimes I make fun of myself when it comes to my many different styles — one day boho, another day a denim enthusiast… you get the point. I’ve found that often people don’t dress as freely in Tallahassee as they would, say, in New York or Chicago. However, if Joan has taught us anything, it’s to embrace our style. I’m an avid believer of clothing reflecting our personality. Why not show others your true colors (and patterns)?! Joan may have often publicly bashed celebrity appearances, but that’s because she knew there was something better out there for them depending on their body type, personality, etc. Celebrities often tailor their wardrobes to follow the most attractive designers of the moment rather than wearing what they truly love. So when you’re getting dressed in the morning and have that tiny thought in the back of your head that people might judge you on your outfit, think of Joan. When you’re dressed your best, you feel your best — and that’s the truth.

Do what you love

In this life full of moments that pass us by in an instant, Joan Rivers has showed us that there’s nothing better than doing what you love. In a tribute to her passing, E! aired some clips from her interviews over the years. In one of them, Jason Kennedy discussed the topic of retirement, “the real dirty word,” according to Rivers. Her response to retirement? “And do what? I love what I do. I’m going to retire and be funny to the mailman? From the time I’ve been able to put my thoughts together, I’ve always wanted this business… for me it’s my hobby.” And Collegiettes, even if it feels like things don’t seem to be working out in your favor, don’t let it discourage you. One door may close, but another will open. The opportunities are endless. Take it from Joan — don’t let anyone stop you from doin’ your thing.

"I enjoy life when things are happening. I don't care if it's good things or bad things. That means you're alive. Things are happening." With everything you’ve taught us about life, you’ve also helped us laugh along the way. We’ll miss you and your fabulousness, Joan.