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‘Queer Eye’ Season 3 Episodes Ranked

The stars aligned for me when the third season of Queer Eye was released the same day my school’s spring break began. It was a sign from the heavens that my spring break destiny was to binge watch Queer Eye for 8 hours straight. With great consideration, and after a lot of re-watching, I’ve put together my definitive ranking of every episode from the latest season:

8. “Sloth to Slay” (Episode 7)

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Thomas is a die-hard gamer celebrating his 21st birthday. With very little self-confidence and a general lack of social skills, he needs all the help he can get from the Fab Five. Thomas is such a sweet guy who just needs a little push to break out of his shell. In this episode, the team gives him all the confidence he needs to do just that!

7. “When Robert Met Jamie” (Episode 4)

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In this episode, a groom-to-be named Robert needs to find his groove before his wedding day. His confidence and sense of self-love are at an all-time low, and he needs help getting them back. The boys turn his life (and his home) around, giving him the makeover of his dreams!

6. “Baby on Board” (Episode 8)

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With a baby on the way, Tony needs the Fab Five’s help now more than ever! Before being able to take care of a tiny human, he needs to find the confidence to take care of himself. After having a rough year, his confidence has definitely taken a hit. The gang comes to the rescue in this episode to help rebuild Tony’s self-esteem!

5. “Lost Boy” (Episode 2)

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Joey is the new program director of an outdoor adventure camp in Kansas. Despite the responsibilities of his new position, he lives a lifestyle that doesn’t exactly embody the leader he is. Following his divorce, he’s given up on caring for himself and focuses on only the things he absolutely needs to survive. In easily one of the season’s biggest and best transformations, the Fab Five gives Joey the push he needs to take on this new role!

4. “From Hunter to Huntee” (Episode 1)

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In this episode, the Queer Eye team visits the home of Jody, a mother and wife who’s lost her sense of self-love. Preoccupied with work, Jody puts very little time and effort into her appearance. In turn, she’s started to feel less and less confident about herself over time. The Fab Five gives Jody the makeover of her dreams, giving her the self-love she’s been missing for years now.

3. “Jones Bar-B-Que” (Episode 3)

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You’ll find it hard to love anyone more than this dynamic sister duo! Deborah and Mary Jones are in desperate need of the Fab Five’s help. Incredibly busy with owning and operating Jones Bar-B-Que, they put so much care into their customers’ well-being that they have very little time to put any care into themselves. In this episode, the gang helps these sisters find the confidence and love within themselves that they’ve been hiding away for so many years.

2. “Black Girl Magic” (Episode 5)

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Jess is a 23-year-old woman who has never felt accepted for who she is. She felt outcasted from the black community for not being “black enough.” She has been ostracized by her peers for identifying as gay. She was even kicked out of her home at age 16 when her adoptive parents found out about her sexuality. In this episode, the Fab Five transforms her world in an emotional journey of turning rejection to acceptance.

1. “Elrod & Sons” (Episode 6)

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Episode six showcases the very best of Queer Eye. The only annoying thing about this episode is figuring out how to watch it through the constant fog of tears in your eyes. The Fab Five takes us into the life of Rob, a single dad whose wife lost her battle to cancer just two years ago. Now left raising their two toddler-aged sons alone, Rob lost his way in terms of self-care and confidence. The guys completely turn his life around on this 40-minute emotional rollercoaster.

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