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Qualified: But do You Have the Qualities?

With graduation right around the corner, the realities of adulthood are starting to really set in for so many of us collegiettes. The for-real job world nerves are, in fact, for real this time. Job attainment and security is one of the biggest fears many fresh graduates all share. But, fear not! Employers are looking for more than just the concrete technical skills necessary to fulfill your job position. In fact, you as an individual matter more so than the application skills you have. Your personality and who you are is what is going to get you the job.

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Soft skills are defined as skills outside of your educational application. They focus more on the communication side of the work force, which is exactly what employers want. Here are the top five qualities employers look for on a first impression that you may have never even thought about!

1) Being a Team Player

Right off the bat let your employer know you’re down to work with anyone and everyone. Having the ability to work effectively and efficiently with others is essential to being successful in the work place. Most jobs are not solitary roles, and you’re going to have to encounter a lot of different personalities. Bumping heads is inevitable, so having the ability to take and give criticism in the utmost professional way is what employers can count on, especially when determining whether you are a suitable choice as a long term employee or not!

2) Make Confident Decisions, Solve Problems and Actively Listen

When an employer asks what one of your strengths are, hone in on the fact that you are a quick thinker, learner and adapter. By actively listening and processing information as it comes your way, you give off an energy that lets an employer know you are mentally focused, attentive, and ready for a challenge. 

3) Intellectual Curiosity and Initiative

Intellectual curiosity is the desire to learn more than what’s expected of you: to go beyond the surface and dig deep for new solutions, ways of doing things, even completely new ideas and takes on situations and products. Intellectual curiosity is a wonderful way to show an employer your initiative and that not only do you have what it takes, but you’re also willing to go above and beyond. Not only does this make you an appealing and beneficial future employee, it also gives you a much better chance at landing a long-term position!

4) Self-Motivation

Being self-motivated is being driven and ready for action. Your appearance is a perfect example of your self-motivation, hence why dressing the part for every interview is so, so important! An employer wants to be able to look at you and see a future within their company. Holding yourself to high standards reflects that you are always setting the bar beyond what is expected.

5) Extroverted and Pressure-Proofed

Having a very likeable personality is a great quality that can help you have a free-flowing conversation. Holding eye contact and keeping your words smoothly enunciated are qualities that employers are very keen on. It even goes down to your body language; being relaxed and having a welcoming energy says a lot about how you handle yourself under pressure! Confidence and the ability to adapt to unpredictable situations in any circumstance are qualities valued highly among employers in all professions.

Getting hired for any job is much more than just being qualified. Employers are looking for people who are ready to work and contribute more than just a set of skills. Having a fresh attitude and diligent mindset is what it’s all about! Leave your future employer with a first impression that include these (essentially communication-based) personable skills and a hunger for success, and you’ll be amazed to see what comes next!

Breathe deeply, trust in yourself, remember these key qualities, and think like

Lauren Conrad!

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