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The Movies That Made Her: Interviewing Podcast Host Minnah Stein

Films play a huge role in the representation of culture within each generation. Join me in interviewing Minnah Stein, where she tells us about her process in creating the podcast, The Movies That Made Her… But Not Me. Here, she and her co-host, Lauren Lloyd, explore the contrasting interpretations of films between different generations. 

Minnah Stein, 21, is one of the hosts of the podcast The Movies That Made Her… But Not Me. She graduated summa cum laude from Florida State University (FSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Digital Media, with minors in Film Studies and Business. Through the Film Studies program at FSU, she developed a love for film analysis and interpretation.

“Introduction to Film Studies was the first film class I had ever taken, and it was amazing to me that film theory was an actual area of study outside of me just having deep discussions of movies with my family and friends,” Stein says.

After graduating in 2021, Stein knew she wanted to pursue her passion for film, so she decided to write for FilmCred, an online publication where she was able to meet a community of people who shared her same passions. It was then that she was inspired to try podcasting. 

One day, during brunch, Stein and her dad were debating over whether or not Annie Hall (directed by and starring Woody Allen, 1917) was a good movie. Amid their debate, their guest, Lauren Lloyd, interjected that Annie Hall is her favorite movie of all time! Soon, they came to the realization that because Stein saw the movie in a post-#METOO world, she interpreted the movie differently than how her dad and Lloyd did when the movie first came out. Continuing her chat with Lloyd, they concluded that the differences between their generational perspectives led to their contrasting views on films. Soon enough, Lloyd would join Stein in her creation of The Movies That Made Her… But Not Me. 

Lloyd has been a Hollywood power broker for over 35 years and has cast and discovered many household names like Chris Evans, Julia Roberts, Heath Ledger and others. “Lauren has great insight into film. Not only does she bring an industry-insider perspective to the podcast, but she is also infectiously funny, constantly making me laugh with her quips about the movie we’re discussing,” Stein says.

She and Lloyd chose a podcast medium to hold discussions, like the one they had over brunch, as well as challenge each other’s opinions. Furthermore, a podcast would allow their listeners to relate to them and their content since they would be listening rather than reading in blog format. So, with her professional relationship with FilmCred, Stein decided to write them a pitch that would convince them to add a podcast element to their online publication. Not only was her pitch approved by the company, but they also agreed to sponsor their project! The next thing Stein knew, she was coming up with a title for the podcast. 

The Movies That Made Her… But Not Me derives from common film titles. The Movies That Made Us is a show on Netflix about how popular movies were made, and The Movies That Made Me is a film podcast where filmmakers discuss the movies that inspired them. It was important to Stein and Lloyd that they convey how they are a film analysis podcast with a generational perspective. By going back and forth each episode choosing the movies they were discussing, the movies were ones that made Stein, but not Lloyd, or vice versa. Hence, the name The Movies That Made Her…But Not Me.

Once she had the podcast title, Stein had to figure out a few more logistics, including who their audience was and how their podcast would be recorded. In order to market her audience of film enthusiasts, they began to promote their project on FilmCred, SuperYaki, and now, Her Campus! In creating the podcast, Stein and Lloyd would record every episode with a single mic and hang up blankets as a background. After reading the opening script, the two would open up into a natural conversation about the movie. “I love when we talk about how we felt the first time we watched that episode’s movie versus how we feel about it now,” Stein says. She enjoys reflecting on how each movie affected her at a certain age and what they mean to her now. 

The Movies That Made Her…But Not Me is still a relatively new start-up, so Stein and Lloyd are focusing and pushing their episodes out there as well as perfecting their recording process. Throughout her time creating the podcast, Stein made it a priority to keep an open perspective. She learned that nothing was a waste of time, even if she wasn’t good at it right away. To the people interested in starting their own podcast, Stein believes that they should not feel limited by the things they’ve never done before. “Every interest is an opportunity to learn a new skill or even to learn that you don’t like what you thought you were going to. Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new, even if it doesn’t go as planned,” she says.

Besides being a podcast host and FilmCred staff writer, Stein is also a production assistant at Lloyd Entertainment. In 2014, she founded the EMPOWERU initiative that was adopted by her county’s public schools to educate K-12 students about Title IX. Today, she continues her activism against power-based violence as an advisory board member of Stop Sexual Assault in Schools.

The most recent episode of The Movies That Made Her…But Not Me came out on Feb. 14th. Join Minnah Stein and Lauren Lloyd as they talk about one of the greatest love stories of all time in the film Ella Enchanted. 

Listen to the podcast: https://www.flowcode.com/page/moviesmadeher

Follow them on Instagram and Twitter: @moviesmadeher

Website: moviesmadeher@wordpress.com

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Katrina Oro is currently a Freshman Staff Writer for HerCampus at Florida State University (FSU). Besides writing, she loves movies, fashion and photography. Katrina is also a photographer for Strike Magazine at FSU.
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