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My Dream Shopping Spree at Amazon: College Influencer Edition

As a college student who admires the experience aspect of services and products that brands have to offer, I am now more than ever inclined to participate in helping brands to continue creating such authentic experiences. These experiences are shared through social mediums like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, to name a few, by people who look just like me and you. With this in mind, the journey to start setting myself and networking to become a micro-influencer starts today. What better way to do this than by going on a shopping spree to collect must-have essentials and sharing them here?

By the way, as a college student, saving money is a huge consideration when making purchases, and thanks to my Amazon Student Prime subscription, low-cost product options are available at my fingertips with the added perk of convenient shipping benefits.

Here is my complete shopping spree list including the top five must-haves as an Amazon Prime Student pursuing a career as a micro-influencer.


The most common features of an acceptable tripod include adjustable height, portability, a Bluetooth clicker and a ring light with changing settings. A tripod can be used to capture content for social platforms when an extra set of hands might be useful, but no one is available or around to help. It can also be used for personal use like taking school pictures, family photos or capturing other memorable moments. This is my tripod of choice.


You must be organized as an individual first and secondly as an influencer. A journal can help tremendously, allowing you to note important dates, meetings and even capture ideas you may brainstorm along the way. This journal is perfect for completing all of the above.

foldable desk

We can commonly find ourselves doing work in the bed, at a desk, on the couch or in other places that allow for productivity and such tasks to be completed. As such, having a portable and flexible desk is imperative. This desk has adjustable height and angle options, suitable for a laptop, iPad or tablet and many other features.

Travel-sized bag

Having all of your items in one place makes the job of an influencer ten times easier, so having a bag with enough space to carry most of your items is an influencer hack you must know about. This multi-use bag can fit clothes, your tripod, journal and can even be used for your school-related needs.

reusable water bottle

Staying healthy should be your priority and drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a given. Using a bottle that supports repeated use without the toxic chemicals and environmentally harmful impacts of plastic is ideal. This bottle not only satisfies these requirements but adds a little motivation to remind you of the importance of drinking water by including encouraging words at specific milestones.

That is all! Now with the right amount of dedication and hard work, you can be on your way to becoming a micro-influencer while being a full-time college student.

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