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Meet the Public Relations Co-Chair of CASA: Victoria Marina

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I sat down with my good friend Victoria Marina to learn more about her position in the Cuban American Student Association (CASA). I had to know more about this organization, its mission and her experience as a member since she has spoken so highly of CASA since joining.

Her Campus (HC): Hi Victoria! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Victoria Marina (VM): Hi! My name is Victoria Marina. I’m a junior majoring in Public Health and minoring in Chemistry, aspiring to go to medical school. Ironically, I landed my position in CASA’s public relations team because of two past marketing internships I had, which allowed me to express my creative side and realize I enjoy this kind of stuff as well.

HC: Could you tell us more about CASA and what this organization does?

VM: I’m so glad you asked this! CASA stands for Cuban American Student Association. We stand to express our culture with others through fun activities and services that we plan to share with the rest of the student body. I truly wish more people knew about CASA and chose to support it, especially all the Cuban Americans at Florida State; I know there has to be more of us out there.

HC: What is your position in CASA and can you describe what this position entails?

VM: My position in CASA is the Public Relations Co-Chair. This position is split into two; one of us does more social media posting and is responsible for interacting with followers, members and other organizations. That aspect of public relations is done by my co-chair, while I do more of the behind-the-scenes aspects of our organization’s socials, mainly by designing the graphics. I design the flyers for our events, general body meetings and presentations, and I hope to soon design things such as apparel, accessories and stickers.

HC: What do you plan to do with your position and what are your goals for this semester?

VM: This semester, I plan to establish a social media aesthetic for CASA that stands out in a professional manner but has a bold, Cuban flare to it. I want to keep it fun and interactive for all our members on Instagram, Facebook and possibly expand to TikTok. I plan to get the word out about us through fun, relatable content about our culture. I want to improve not only our aesthetic but also our following, as none of this would be possible if we didn’t have such a wonderful and empowering community that I think could expand a little more.

HC: Could you give us an insight into what your experience has been and what CASA means to you?

VM: Well, I transferred to Florida State just last semester. Even though I had plenty of friends here and was happy, I just felt I hadn’t checked all the boxes I’d wanted to. I was looking to form a connection with people here at my new school which I hadn’t found until I joined CASA. To me, CASA means bonding over our shared culture while also lifting each other up. We all support each other’s goals by providing constant encouragement to one another. This club truly is a hidden gem at Florida State and the advocacy we do to bring awareness about the issues going on in Cuba also brings us together.

HC: Do you have any final thoughts you want to share about CASA?

VM: I hope to leave my mark on CASA and be one of those members that listens and is there for everyone in the community. I really look up to my fellow members on the executive board because their passion for CASA is truly inspiring. The way they have welcomed me into the community right off the bat has truly impacted me. I’m so grateful that I joined this organization as it truly transformed my experience and has given me a home away from home.

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Meagan is a student at Florida State University located in Tallahassee, Florida. She's a second-year staff writer for Her Campus and is double majoring in Marketing & Management Information Systems. In her spare time she enjoys reading, acai bowls, and finding new workouts!