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I had the opportunity to speak to the people behind “Mftallycore,” a sustainably-owned business founded by Florida State University (FSU) students. Most of you have undoubtedly heard of them but don’t know who they are: Hannah Smith, Adri Miranda, Hannah Housand and Vee Towson are the names behind this eco-sustainable shop.

Her Campus (HC): What inspired you to create “Mftallycore”? 

Hannah Smith (HS): One Market Wednesday, I helped Vee with their existing jewelry booth, BumbleVee Co., and I enjoyed the vending experience. I had been reselling vintage and secondhand items on Depop for a couple of years, so I brought out one clothing rack of some of my inventory in Oct. 2021. After that, I knew I wanted to continue to expand Tallycore and promote messages of sustainability and inclusivity with fashion.

HC: What goes into vending at Market Wednesday? How do you prepare beforehand?

Adri Miranda (AM): Every Tuesday, we meet at Hannah H. and Vee’s apartment and we tag any new finds and document them into a spreadsheet so we can keep track of items, their prices and which seller they belong to. We usually play some music, have a snack, and catch up from when we last saw each other. The next morning, around 7:30 a.m., Hannah H. picks us up from our apartments and drives us to Legacy Walk, where we set up our booth!

HC: What advice would you give to people looking to shop sustainably? 

HS: As college students, finding clothing brands that produce sustainably like Patagonia and Reformation can be expensive. Shopping secondhand and thrifting is a great way to affordably reduce your carbon footprint.

Vee Towson (VT): Supporting small local businesses is a great way to shop sustainably, especially by investing in a few quality pieces rather than a full wardrobe of low-quality items that will inevitably be discarded.

HC: Why are diversity and inclusivity in fashion so important? 

AM: Inclusivity and representation in fashion are important because it’s real life. No one in real life looks like the photoshopped models you see on fast fashion websites. Tallycore doesn’t aim to propagate a false image where everyone fits a specific look with a specific body type. Tallycore is for everyone, no matter their gender identity, race, sexuality, or size.

HS: Fashion is something we should all be able to enjoy. Putting on an outfit that makes you feel confident and expresses who you are is so important to us.

HC: What does it mean to break the gender binary in fashion? 

VT: Breaking the gender binary essentially means that clothes are for everyone. Skirts aren’t just for women, button-ups aren’t just for men, et cetera. By breaking down this barrier, we can be more inclusive of people of different gender identities across the board.

HC: Where is your favorite place to buy second-hand fashion? 

HS: There are plenty of great thrift stores where I’m from in Orlando, but for thrifting in Tallahassee, I love the bins. I also get a lot of cool finds on apps like eBay, Depop, and Vinted.

HC: Who is your fashion idol? Who influences your style? 

AM: I would say @olivengcanty on Instagram. I’ve been following her for a while, and I just love the way she dresses. 

HS: I don’t necessarily have a style inspiration, I kind of just wear clothes that make me happy.

HC: What is the main problem with fast fashion?

VT: The main problem with fast fashion is its focus on micro-trends. These trends go by incredibly quickly, so to keep up, big-name fashion retailers must produce clothing faster than they ever have before. This typically involves unethical labor practices and unsustainably sourced materials. Furthermore, people are discarding clothing after only a few wears, rapidly filling landfills.

Remember to shop mindfully wherever possible to help preserve our home. Every Market Wednesday, “Mftallycore” sells their greatest vintage and thrift finds on campus, so be sure to check out their vendor! By buying secondhand items and supporting local businesses, you not only receive a cool and unique item but also do your part in helping the environment. 

To find out more about Tallycore, check out their Instagram.

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