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Inside Ever Ivey Publishing Company

Meet Melkevia Ivey: the founder of Ever Ivey Publishing Company. Before entering the publishing industry, Melkevia graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with a Bachelor of Accounting degree. She later attended the University of Central Florida and obtained a Masters of Taxation.

Currently a Certified Public Accountant, Melkevia is dedicated to helping others. Recently, Melkevia’s motivation for learning led her to publish her first children’s book, Camille’s Adventures: The Land of Shapes and Colors. This book is centered around the beauty of using your imagination, seeking out adventures and learning more about the world. Visit Melkevia’s website to get your copy and follow along on Camille’s journey. 

Her Campus (HC): Congratulations on publishing your first book! Where did you get the idea to write about Camille? 

Melkevia Ivey (MI): Thank you for the opportunity to share more about my book. After having our first child, my husband and I made it a priority to read a book to our daughter every night at bedtime. There were nights that we were simply too tired to get a book and those were the nights that I would “make-up” a story to share with her. This gave me the motivation to move forward with a longtime goal of writing a children’s book. The character’s name, Camille, is our daughter’s middle name and the character’s image reflects how we see her. 

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HC: How would you describe Camille as a character? 

MI: Camille is a little girl with a BIG imagination that she loves to use to travel to new places, meet new people and learn new things. Camille reminds us how much fun learning can be. She is full of curiosity and ready to take us all along for the ride. 

HC: Growing up, was there a specific children’s book that you connected with and why?

MI: Actually, what I remember the most was Blue’s Clues! While it was more of a TV series, you had a “handy dandy notebook” to keep track of all your clues. This always fascinated me and allowed me to really use my imagination as I followed along. I wanted to get that same type of feeling and imagination in my book. 

HC: What was the writing process like?

MI:  Surprisingly, the writing process was more involved than what I was expecting for a children’s book. After developing an outline, I had to be sure that the words were appropriate and not too advanced for the intended audience. I also had to ensure that the flow of the story would keep the attention of such young minds and that the story wasn’t too long. More importantly, as a parent, I knew I had to ensure it’s something a parent would want to read to their children because of the intended audience.

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Melkevia Ivey

HC: What made you want to publish your own book? 

MI: Because this was a passion project, I wanted full creative range and rights to develop this book. I also saw this as a great opportunity to learn the process and everything that goes into publishing a book. 

HC: What is one message that you’d like for children to take away after reading Camille’s Adventures?

MI: Dreams come true when you believe, it starts with your imagination.

HC: Imagination is a large part of Camille’s story. How does this shape each of her adventures?

MI: Each of her adventures starts with her imagination. There is a mantra that she sings before each adventure. With the help of her imagination, she can go anywhere she chooses and learn about anything she wants. 

HC: What does the future look like for Ever Ivey Publishing Co.? 

MI: Camille’s Adventures will be a series of books, so there are plenty more adventures to come. Eventually, Ever Ivey Publishing Co. will serve as a platform to help other indie authors get their stories out there. 

HC: What would you say to anyone who is considering writing and publishing their own book?

MI: Go for it! There are several resources available (free ones too!). While doing my research, YouTube was essential. There are so many indie authors sharing their stories and processes. Also, join Facebook groups that fit the category of the book you are looking to write. There were definitely mistakes made along the way, but the journey is so well worth it.

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HC: What is the best way for readers to support Ever Ivey Publishing Co.? 

MI: Aside from purchasing the book from various online retailers, writing a review and sharing the book with others is a lasting way to support. You can also visit our website and follow our social media outlets.

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A senior at Florida State University pursuing a degree in Media Communication Studies with a minor in English.
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