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Everything You Want To Know About FSU’s Pride Student Union

With recent transgressions against the LGBTQ+ community in Florida and nationwide, understanding the resources and help available on campus is vital to the safety of LGBTQ+ people. Luckily, LGBTQ+ students at Florida State University (FSU) have access to the Pride Student Union and all the benefits it has to offer. This interview describes all the ways that the Pride Student Union can benefit, protect and amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community on Florida State University’s campus. 

Her Campus (HC): What are the benefits of having a pride organization on campus?

Pride Student Union (PSU): A pride organization on campus provides safe spaces and a sense of community for LGBTQ+ students. It can do this by using physical spaces, programming and providing resources to students who need them. A pride organization on campus can also advocate for LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusiveness.

HC: What are the main goals of this organization?

PSU: The main goals of the Pride Student Union are to advocate for, empower and provide community space for LGBTQ+ people within the FSU and Tallahassee communities.

HC: What resources do you recommend to struggling LGBTQ students on campus?

PSU: For students who are struggling on campus, there are a variety of resources available. The Division of Student Affairs has compiled a list of all student-related resources. Some other resources include the Office of Accessibility Services, the Career Center, Case Management, the University Counseling Center, the Victim Advocate Program and the S.A.F.E. (Student Alert Force Escort) Connection, which provides rides for students on campus for free.

HC: What are things that LGBTQ+ students and allies can do to support the LGBTQ community on campus?

PSU: The main things LGBTQ+ students and allies can do to support the LGBTQ+ community on campus are to listen to, respect and amplify the voices of other students. Each student can help contribute every day to a campus environment that makes everyone feel safe, welcome and accepted.

HC: Do you feel that Florida State University does enough for its LGBTQ+ community?

PSU: I feel like there is always room to create new resources and opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. One way the university already celebrates LGBTQ+ students is by holding a Lavender Graduation. FSU can continue to provide support by being vocal in their support of the LGBTQ+ community and having zero tolerance for any discrimination or bigotry.

HC: Is there anything you wish Florida State University students knew about this organization?

PSU: I wish more students knew how easy it is to get involved! You can stop by and see Pride in our office on the top floor of the Student Union anytime, even just to chat! In October, we celebrate Pride month, so we have a ton of programming happening. But there’s a lot going on year-round, and we love connecting with people in person!

Getting involved is something that most students wish to participate in, and the Pride Student Union is a great way to do that while benefitting a community. The Student Union is located near the HCB building and Woodward Garage. The Pride Student Union is one way FSU can ensure that students within the LGBTQ+ community feel safe and included. It’s important that FSU ensures that the many different communities and identities on campus are protected and amplified in conversations. 

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Hi! I am a student at Florida State University. My pronouns are she/they and I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community! My first and foremost goal is to share information that I feel will benefit everyone and make sure that everyone feels heard and seen.