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The executive board of alpha chi omega at FSU. This picture is important to the profile piece.
The executive board of alpha chi omega at FSU. This picture is important to the profile piece.
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Cassie Tells All: The Ins and Outs of Sorority Recruitment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Oftentimes, young college women who pursue sorority recruitment will hear the phrase, “we hope you find your home here.” The sorority recruitment process surfaces many emotions: stress, excitement, fear, nervousness, anticipation, happiness and doubt. As someone who just recently joined the Panhellenic community during fall recruitment this year, I can reaffirm that it is a long, tedious process and one that can appear rather intimidating to the naked eye. However, within this tight-knit community are incredible young women eager to empower one another and to truly resemble this sense of home and sisterhood. One of these women is senior Cassie Erickson, who served as Head of Recruitment this past recruitment process and is a member of the Phi Mu chapter here on campus.

Her Campus (HC): What made you want to join a sorority?

Cassie Erickson (CE): I was not really positive I wanted to join a sorority at first, even though I knew it was big here. But the experiences I had during recruitment made me comfortable with myself in ways I never was in the past. The help I got from my recruitment counselor and just talking to the chapters made me feel so accepted in the community.

HC: What is your favorite part of being a part of Greek life? How has being involved in Panhellenic made you a better person?

CE: The growth I have seen in myself. Being constantly empowered by so many different people is something I have never experienced. Everyone here wants me to be better. I was never really involved in high school, but from my freshman year to senior year in college, I took on so many different leadership roles within this community. The different programs and opportunities I presented myself with are something I would have never imagined before joining a sorority. One of my favorite events I helped organize was presenting at New Nole Orientation. I never saw myself getting up and talking on a stage when I was younger, but Panhellenic gave me an outlet to build up my confidence, independence and compassion for others.

HC: What has been your favorite experience within your sorority?

CE: My favorite regular experience is simply being able to hang out on the back deck and getting to meet people I’m not specifically friends with, even as a senior. I also absolutely loved being a new member because every chapter woman cares so much about making us feel included and wanted.

HC: Throughout recruitment, the phrase “Pan-love” would be thrown around when talking about the Panhellenic community as a whole. What does “Pan-love” mean to you?

CE: Pan-love is a lot more about believing it and living it out than just saying it. It is something our community says often, but I think truly aims to inspire other sororities on campus through working with them and understanding that everyone has their own unique experiences on this campus, and yet we are so much more similar than people may think.

HC: What is a piece of advice you would give to girls who are wanting to go through recruitment or are just hesitant about the process?

CE: Something I wish I knew going into my recruitment experience is that sorority women are so much more like you and ‘regular’ than you may think. Instagram, the cheering and songs and the doors dramatically opening before each party makes [sorority life] seem so much more extravagant, embellished and almost daunting like it isn’t normal life. In reality, you’re able to find such authentic people with the same values as you. It’s not always about glam.

HC: How does Panhellenic create connections for you at FSU?

CE: Through Panhel, I have met so many great faculty members and staff throughout FSU and the Student Affairs division. I also have met so many other young women in so many different chapters that I would have never met if I had not gotten as involved as I have. I’ve grown with so many girls I met in the new member program through participating on the Panhellenic side of recruitment. My freshman year roommate and I actually went through recruitment together, and three years later, we ran Fall 2022 recruitment together as Head of Recruitment and VP of Membership.

HC: How should an active member get involved in Panhellenic at FSU?

CE: There aren’t necessarily specific steps to take to get involved, but there are so many options for new members looking to get started! There is CORE, which is the Panhellenic new member program, along with a class called Merging Leaders, which is a leadership studies class offered at Florida State and fulfills a leadership credit. You can also train to become a Rho Gamma, a recruitment counselor, and then move to recruitment staff the following recruitment year. Other than that, you can connect with Panhellenic through your own chapter, such as becoming a Panhellenic delegate and representing your chapter at Panhellenic meetings.

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Isabelle Bruty is a current freshman at Florida State University, and is majoring in English: Editing, Writing & Media (EWM). She loves fashion, makeup, Netflix, travel and anything pink. When she isn't writing or studying, she is out playing tennis, scrolling through TikTok or binging the next new show.