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Cassidy Rider: Meet Your New Student Government Senator

As most of you know, elections for Florida State University (FSU) student government positions were held on Oct. 13. This week, I was able to sit down and talk with our newest elected student government senator, Cassidy Rider. To fully understand who is representing our student body, it’s important to understand who Cassidy is.

Cassidy Rider is a sophomore currently studying business statistics and finance here at Florida State University. Her long-term goal is to work closely with money management and to assist non-profits with their finances. She was extremely engaged with numerous honor societies throughout high school, which influenced her decision to run with the campus party Forward FSU. Along with her involvement in student government, she is also involved in Alpha Chi Omega sorority, the Hispanic/Latinx Student Union, the Asian American Student Union and Habitat for Humanity. While her background is helpful in understanding who is representing FSU students, I was able to ask her questions about her goals for the community and how she plans to reflect the voices of the students.

Her Campus (HC): What is one of your main goals regarding the FSU campus that you hope to achieve during your term?

Cassidy Rider (CR): One of my biggest goals regarding FSU’s campus is to ultimately bring more sustainability. I have so many ideas that can improve not just the campus but the community, including better recycling systems on campus. I’ve done extensive research on sustainability for years and I’m excited to be given this position by my peers to bring my ideas into a reality this year.

HC: How do you plan to make FSU a more inclusive environment?

CR: Bringing more diversity and inclusion to the student body this year is extremely important to me. I’m dedicated to making sure that every student at Florida State University has a club or space on campus where they can identify with and improve themselves academically and personally. I’m passionate about spreading awareness among the student population about ways in which they can become more involved, I plan on accomplishing this by speaking to students involved in on-campus student unions to ensure that they have access to all of the resources they need. Along with speaking with students, I plan to host more events on campus to bring the student body together. 

HC: How are you planning on achieving all of your goals during your term?

CR: I plan to achieve these goals by speaking to student organization leaders one on one about what they need for better representation and from there on creating a plan of action. Referring to sustainability on campus, I aim to work with the Tallahassee community to implement city recycling systems on campus. With these ideas in mind, I hope to make FSU a better place not only for current students but for future Noles as well. 

Forward FSU strives to build a better community and is committed to helping Florida State University students. Personally, I’m excited to see how our newly elected senator improves our student body and am glad to see such a passionate student advocate in such a position. A special thank you to Cassidy Rider for sitting down and talking with me!

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Jenna is a current senior at Florida State University pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development. She enjoys expressing herself through her writing, music, and fashion.
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