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Bailee Cotrone and Kaitlyn Torres Make Waves With Their Small Business Sunrays

Meet Bailee Cotrone and Kaitlyn Torres: the South Florida creators behind the small business Sunrays. Before they were co-workers, they were friends. They first connected through an old friend. Bailee and her boyfriend would sell surfboards which eventually caught the eyes of Kaitlyn. After Kaitlyn had purchased a surfboard from Bailee’s boyfriend, Bailee reached out to do a photoshoot of Kaitlyn and her boyfriend! They didn’t talk much after that until Bailee reached out again to ask Kaitlyn to attend a photoshoot with her for a TikTok creator’s merchandise. At that shoot, Kaitlyn and Bailee clicked instantly! A few days later, the creator’s merch dropped. Cotrone and Torres were shocked at how much it was being sold for. That is when the first ideas of a small business sparked. The two realized they both shared a common goal of creating apparel that was affordable for everyone. 

Their small business took flight on Aug. 6, 2021. Sunrays’ first launch included totes, earrings, tumblers, stickers and shirts. Since then, they have expanded their items even more. Sunrays has the cutest beachy apparel inspired by the sea from flower rings, crewnecks and backpacks. All of their products range from $1.25 to $45. It is hard to find high-quality apparel for a reasonable price, but this duo has your back! 

Her Campus (HC): How did Sunrays startup?

Kaitlyn Torres (KT): We started Sunrays when we figured we could make super cute things that are affordable. We both love the beach, so we knew we wanted the business to have something to do with the ocean! 

HC: What is the mission behind the small business?

KT: Our mission with Sunrays is to make everyone happy and to sell products that are handmade with love. We eventually want to donate to 4ocean once our business grows!

HC: What are your hopes for the future of the business?

KT: Our hopes are to grow, eventually rent out a warehouse and hopefully sell out in one of our future launches. 

HC: What are your hobbies outside of the business? 

Bailee Cotrone (BC): My hobby when I am not working is photography! 

KT: My hobbies include fishing and hanging at the beach!

HC: What is your favorite product and why? 

KT: Our favorite product has to be the crewneck! When coming up with the design we wanted to have something that embodied both of our personalities. Our crewneck shows both our boho and oceanic side! (The crewneck can be found here!) 

HC: What is next for Sunrays?

KT: What’s next for Sunrays is our adventure collection! This collection will either include beanies or bucket hats. 

HC: What would you say to someone who also wanted to start a small business?

KT: I’d say just do it because you never know what could happen! 

All of their products can be found on their Etsy page! To stay up to date on all of their launches you can follow the Sunrays’ Instagram. The future is bright for this small business, and they will continue to share their love for the ocean through affordable apparel and jewelry. Halloween is just around the corner, so make sure to celebrate the holiday with Sunrays’ Spooky Season ghost shirt, hoodie or Autumn tote! As a thank you for supporting their small business, you can get 15-percent off your order with the discount code: OURGIFT2U15. 

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Hannah is an 19-year old who is a Sophomore at Florida State University. She has a passion for traveling and exploring life's hidden treasures. She enjoys blogging and capturing moments through photography and drawing.
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