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A Look Into the Animal Society: Meet President Hayley Krush

Here at Florida State University, we are beyond lucky to have such a large variety of clubs and student organizations. Among them is our very own Her Campus at FSU! One such organization is the Animal Society. This club holds its general board meeting every other Tuesday. More information about the club can be found on their club Instagram @fsuanimalsociety. I had the opportunity to speak with the Animal Society President, Hayley Krush, about the purpose of the club, how to get involved, and their events.

Hayley Krush is the president of the Animal Society at Florida State University (FSU), an organization that aims to help the animal community of Tallahassee. This week, we sat down with Hayley to get the inside scoop on her exciting position as president.

Her Campus (HC): What is your job as the president of the Animal Society?

Haley Krush (HK): My job as the president is to plan service events around Tallahassee that benefit the animal community, and get members involved!

HC: What has your favorite event been so far?

HK: I think my favorite event so far has been the lemur encounter at the North Florida Wildlife Center. We decided to do this after volunteering there a few Saturdays, and the lemurs were so much fun!

HC: What does the Animal Society do?

HK: The FSU Animal Society is a student organization focused on supporting animals in the Tallahassee area through hosting events and volunteering. 

HC: Why should others join the Animal Society?

HK: I think others should join the Animal Society if they’re looking for a unique way to get involved in the community and earn service hours. It’s also a great way to meet others with the same interests!

HC: How does one go about joining the Animal Society?

HK: Follow our Instagram, @fsuanimalsociety, and the LinkTree in our bio has all of the information on how to join.

HC: What type of commitment does being a member of the club entail?

HK: In order to be considered an active member of the club, you must earn ten points per semester. A point can be earned by attending general body meetings, volunteer events and any other club events.

HC: What events do you have coming up this semester?

HK: This semester, we plan on visiting North Florida Wildlife Center to volunteer and eventually do a kangaroo encounter with them near finals week. We also plan on visiting the cat cafes, doing goat and llama yoga and volunteering with baby goats!

HC: What do you hope to accomplish as president?

HK: As president, I hope to create a community at FSU for those who care about animals and make a difference around Tallahassee.

HC: What made you join the Animal Society?

HK: I joined the Animal Society because I’m a pre-veterinary student and I wanted to have opportunities to get close to animals! But you don’t have to be pre-veterinary to join or even in an animal-related major!

HC: What leadership opportunities are available for club members?

HK: We currently have eight people on the executive board. When positions open up, we send out an application to all members!

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