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From President of Pre-Law Fraternity Phi Alpha Delta To Future Lawyer

Being a college student in the 21st century is not the same as it once was. As it currently stands, students are balancing more tasks and responsibilities than ever before. A prime example of the modern college student is Florida State University’s, Fabio Sanchez Del Rio. I had the opportunity to ask Sanchez Del Rio about the responsibilities and tasks that come with leading a pre-law fraternity. 

Her Campus (HC): Tell us about yourself; what year you in and what are you studying?

Fabio Sanchez Del Rio (FSDR): I am a senior in my fourth year at FSU. I am graduating in 2021 with a dual degree [different than a double major] in International Affairs and Political Science with a concentration in Spanish and a minor in Sociology. 

HC: What are your plans for after college?

FSDR: After undergrad, I plan on attending law school. I would like to live in Washington D.C. one day, but I still do not know which law school around the country I will be attending. 

HC: What type of law are you looking to be involved with?

FSDR: I would like to study international law with some sort of focus on business.   

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HC: Could you share with us what Phi Alpha Delta (P.A.D.)?

FSDR: Phi Alpha Delta at FSU is a co-ed Pre-Law Fraternity that fosters the academic and professional success of undergraduate students who seek a career in the law profession. Phi Alpha Delta offers a community of other pre-law students who share similar goals and facilitates connections to achieve them. Beyond an inclusive brotherhood, members are also offered opportunities in volunteering, leadership, networking and professional development. To name a few perks, we have LSAT preparation resources, a mentor/mentee program, law-focused guest speakers and much more.  

HC: What made you join P.A.D.?

FSDR: I joined because I wanted to get involved and immerse myself in the law community. I also wanted to take advantage of the resources P.A.D. offers in terms of LSAT study tools and professional connections within the legal field. Early on, I decided that I wanted to help others and actuate visible change through my work, and for me, that is through a career in law. 

HC: How did you become the president of this organization?

FSDR: Before I became president, I held a leadership board position, social chair, for two semesters. I joined P.A.D. the fall of my junior year, but immediately got really involved as I found this organization to be extremely welcoming and enabling of my success and goals. After joining and having experience with some of the minor leadership roles, I decided I wanted to run for president. I then was nominated and elected by the chapter. Particularly, the president at the time, Madeleine Siegel, was very inspiring and set a good example for me to follow. 

HC: What are some of your responsibilities now?

FSDR: My official responsibilities include overseeing all fraternity activities and ensuring that all chapter officers perform their respective duties. However, as president, I focus on being a welcoming for the chapter and fostering an academic, professional and fraternal environment in every meeting, social and other related events. 

HC: How do you balance your obligations with academics?

FSDR: Organization skills and scheduling are key for me. I create monthly, weekly and daily calendars from which I cross off tasks as I complete them. It is vital to create to-do lists for each day, and sticking to them as much as possible. If you can visualize what you want to accomplish, the tasks seem less daunting. 

HC: What advice would you give to those who would like a similar leadership position?

FSDR: Be involved with your organization as much as possible. Create strong relationships by putting your best foot forward and doing more than what is expected of you to make others’ jobs easier. Eventually, people will see you as someone they can count on, and this will help you get the support you need to be nominated. Above all, make sure you are doing it for more than just a line on your resume. The best leaders are the ones who truly care about the organization they are leading. 

HC: Is there anything you would tell your freshman year self?

FSDR: Plan your days more efficiently and prioritize what is most important. I would also tell myself to not stress about being involved with every organization on campus, but rather join one or two that I wholly care about and be a leader within those. When thinking about which organization to join, I would say to think deeply about what I want to be accomplished in the long term and find organizations that are in line with my goals. Also, try not to stay out too late so that you don’t sleep the entire next day. 

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Economics Major at Florida State University from Tirana, Albania.
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