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Ashley is a recent graduate from UF with a major in Public Relations. She has worked with campus magazines and had multiple internships with small companies. She is currently working with the House of Perna as a social media contractor. You can get all the fun details about her job and anyone looking into public relations can learn about what the job entails. 

Her Campus (HC): What made you interested in PR?

Ashley Leong (AL): Originally I was a journalism major, but as I begin taking more classes in my college I realized that the public relations route was more along the lines of what I was looking for rather than traditional journalism. 

HC: What have you learned in your internships that helped you in your career?

AL: By actively taking internships every semester, I was able to learn what I enjoyed about the field and what I didn’t enjoy as well as the type of environments I worked best in. I also learned more about the business side of social media as well as how to work effectively on a team and how to maximize my experience as an intern. I kept aA positive attitude, finish my work quickly, but then also ask how I could help with more things and be more involved that way I got a more in-depth internship experience. Also, I would come into the office with an occasional question prepped for my co-workers or supervisors asking them about either their career or experience in the industry.

HC: What does your day consist of during COVID-19?

AL: Currently, I’m doing remote work so It’s a lot of laptop time. I can be doing anything from having a team meeting, photo editing, working on Pplanoly, building out Facebook posts or making video assets.  

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HC: What is a good skill to have when making social media posts?

AL: Be aware of certain national holidays, the big ones and the small ones. That can help you when you’re making captions or if you’re needing to create new content. You can stay on top of what’s trending as well as “fun celebration” days that happen throughout the year like national donut day. 

HC: Why did you start your YoutTube channel?

AL: Having my own YouTube channel was just something on my bucket list as a kid so I figured it was now or never. I followed so many YouTubers back in the day and I still prefer watching YouTube videos over watching TV. Being a part of all those little communities that were being led by these amazing creators made me want to try and start a little something of my own! 

HC: What have you learned while working on YouTube videos?

AL: That it’s a long process, especially for me since I’m a beginning creator. I’m still learning how to shoot video well and pick up more editing skills! I love the learning process though and I’m glad I have a little space where I can try and bring my ideas to life as I see fit, no red tape!    

HC: Where do you get your creative inspiration?

AL: I get inspired by watching other YouTubers or other fashion creators on Tik Tok!  Sometimes I’ll get inspiration from TV shows, movies or even pop culture in general! 

HC: What are your career goals?

AL: My dream career would be to work in social media, community management or brand building in the fashion or lifestyle industry.

HC: What is your favorite thing about PR?

AL: Working in social media and strategizing how to connect with audiences.

HC: What are your dream companies to work for? Why?

AL: Aerie has been a dream company of mine for a little while. Mainly because I love what their brand stands for. They are very body positive and I love the social campaigns they implement. Their voice on social media is so female positive, body positive, and has a very joyful tone to it.  I also admire the types of ambassadors they use in their companies as well as their social strategies. 

HC: Who do you look up to in the PR realm?

AL: Pat Ford, he was one of my college professors. He is a veteran in the industry and has run so many campaigns over the years. He’s worked with thousands of clients on a global scale. It was awesome to be in his class and learn from him.


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HC: What advice do have for people trying to get into PR?

AL: PR might be a good fit for you if you enjoy: building brands, social media, writing, community management, creatively working with businesses or building relationships. 

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Greetings, I was a Her Campus Writer at FSU. I majored digital media production and I am originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. I love reading, drawing, and bingeing tv shows on Hulu and Netflix.
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