Post-Halloween Shopping Deals

Halloween is not a cheap holiday. Especially here in Tallahassee, where Halloween lasts an entire week long. We have six potential days of Halloween outfits to wear. The week usually starts out with some kind of crush party where all the fraternities get together to throw the biggest Halloween bash. So that means you’re trying to look your best to impress the Incredible Hulk who keeps eyeing you. But when that’s just day one and you have to get several totally different but equally cute outfits together, you might be strapped for cash. 


So when the week is all said and done, your bank account is hurting. And you’re just upset because your week of fun is over and you’re probably going to get sick now. So I did a little research and found out that after Halloween sales are the next big thing and you need to check them out. Post Halloween is the new Black Friday so get your debit cards out because you won’t want to miss these deals. 


Amazon is basically Netflix but for online shopping, we use it way too often because it’s so good. And once again, Amazon comes through for us with these amazing deals.

Cook Ware

For the secret chefs in all of us, you can get 70% off Cuisinart cookware sets. So maybe it’s time to look into that extra sauce pan you know you’ve been needing.

Soda Stream

If you’ve ever wanted to try the SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker, now's your chance. Because why waste time and energy going to the store to buy a soda, when you can pick your flavor and make it right at home. You can save 50% of your money with this deal.


The elite class of those lucky enough to own a Jeep should get excited. For you, up to 40% off of certain Jeep and truck accessories. I think it’s time to look into some new rims to really make your ride even better, if that’s even possible you lucky dogs.

Free App

So when you have an Amazon account, you get access to Amazon apps which are just incredible. So this deal offers you one free app of the day bundle. In this bundle, you get more than $115 in apps and games. And we’re talking the good games, for free. Just for being yourself.


Walmart, or Wally World as I like to call it, starts these great steals at midnight. Just like they do for Black Friday. They roll out the deals early so you can start saving.


You’ve spent too many hours watching Netflix on your laptop. It’s time to upgrade to getting you a real screen to watch Grey’s Anatomy on. At Walmart, you can get a 40 inch LED HD TV for $199. That’s like crazy cheap, just ask your parents.

Xbox One

These bad boys are dropping their prices so you can play the latest games. At a slight price decrease of about 50 bucks, the better gaming console is now available.


If you’re laptop from high school is starting to give up on you, maybe Walmart can help. They’re selling Dell Inspiron Touch Laptops for $479, which is way better than $549.

NOTE: These deals won’t last long so if anything caught your eye go online and check them out.