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Have you ever wished you had a playlist full of songs perfectly curated for an oddly specific feeling or a super niche scenario that feels almost unreal? You might even just want songs similar to a popular one you’ve heard before. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This week’s playlist is called “How I Love Being a Woman,” a collection of songs that remind you of the boldness and softness of being a woman. 

“She’s always a woman” by Billy Joel

I always imagined Billy Joel writing this about a mysterious woman who wore pantyhose and drank her coffee black. Or, maybe she loved sundresses and matcha lattes instead. I just adored the idea of a woman who lived life unapologetically. In the words of Billy Joel, “She just changes her mind.” We’re simply women, after all, we can’t possibly be expected to have it all figured out. Most of all, I appreciate how beautifully flawed Billy Joel’s mystery woman is. I like to imagine her giggling telling a little white lie, or only accepting apologies in the form of handwritten letters. She’s so me. 

“Writer In The Dark” by Lorde

I fear nothing embodies womanhood so well as the unrelenting ability to love. “I am my mother’s child.” “I’ll love you till my breathing stops.” We spend our lives loving others so effortlessly while we learn to love ourselves. If there’s anything heartbreak has taught me, it’s that it’s so much harder for women to stop loving than it is to love wholeheartedly. All of Melodrama embodies the entire teenage woman’s experience and even feels like crying in the tub while eating chocolate (in the best way of course). This song is the epitome of womanhood.

“Something that i want” by grace potter

Tangled is one of my all-time favorite movies for the soundtrack alone. We might’ve been too young to appreciate this absolute banger when we were younger, but we are going to appreciate it now. This girl boss anthem feels like a girl’s shopping trip in the city. I imagine it being exactly like in the movies: trying on different outfits and making the fitting room a fashion show runway. After that, you all go to a cafe, imagine you’re in Paris and pretend the world is yours for the taking. This song makes me feel like maybe the world really is mine if I want it to be. 

Side note: Flynn Rider really could’ve cut Rapunzel’s hair a bit longer in the end. Not saying she doesn’t rock the edgy bob cut, I’m just saying she didn’t have to. 

“Classy Girls” by The Lumineers

This was one of the first songs I ever heard by The Lumineers and I was twirling around in my room by the end of it. I think women underestimate their value sometimes. So many people want to kiss us and we get to choose who we want to kiss? It’s perfectly fair. Even though this is about withholding them, this song feels like gentle kisses on the cheek and turning away so they don’t see you blush. Of course, classy girls can kiss anywhere they want, but isn’t it so much more fun to make it worth the wait? 

“She’s A Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones

Although this track might lowkey be about a psychedelic trip, I like to take it literally and imagine it’s about this absolute rainbow of a woman. The English minor in me loved dissecting what it meant to write a woman who “comes in colors.” I took it as an ode to diversity, as women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The beauty of womanhood is how fluid and unique it is. This song is also so upbeat and vibrant. It’s pure joy. 

“the last great american dynasty” by Taylor Swift

For the longest time, this was my only skip on the Folklore album, but having listened to it more the last couple of days, I fell in love. The song narrates Rebekah’s life, marrying into new money and living a life of luxury. Claims are that her party-filled lifestyle led to her husband’s heart attack. After his passing, Rebekah wreaked havoc: flying over her friends from the city, cleaning her pool with champagne and dyeing her neighbor’s pet green. Swift ends the song by saying that Rebekah’s mansion sat for years free of “women with madness, their men and bad habits” until it was bought by her. Needless to say, Rebekah is my new spirit animal. 

“Older Than I Am” by Lennon Stella

I think a significant moment in the life of most girls, is realizing that you grew up too fast. After years of hearing “you’re so mature for your age,” you finally question what made you so wise. It can be quite the epiphany, to realize you’ve been carrying the weight of womanly expectations and responsibilities before you were even aware they existed. Being a woman is so beautiful and lovely, but it can be painful sometimes too and you can’t highlight beauty without strength. I think this song perfectly understands the feeling of wanting to run away from everything but knowing everything depends on you at the same time. 

“Cheap Queen” by King Princess

King Princess is the definition of a femme fatale (which is also the name of another iconic song of hers, fun fact). “Cheap Queen” makes me feel powerful beyond words. It makes me want to throw on a black dress, put on red lipstick, maybe even wear my combat boots and create as much chaos as I possibly can before sunset. I mean how could you not if you had someone singing, “I’m a real queen, I can make grown men cry” in your ear? 

“Lady May (Live)” by Tyler Childers

This has been my comfort song for ages simply because of how pure and delicate it is. I had to include a love song in this playlist because while women experience so much heartbreak, some of the love songs written about us are so magical. For these lyrics alone, Tyler Childers has my heart, “Now the mountains all are blushin’, and they don’t know what to say, ‘cept a good long line of praises for my lovely, Lady May.” This song made me feel like sitting on the bed of flowers while my lover recites to me poems about my endless beauty.

Honorable Mention: Any Hozier song will illicit the same effect. 

“Thérèse” by Maya Hawke

Hawke wrote this song inspired by the painting ‘Thérèse Dreaming’ by the French painter Balthus. The painting depicted a young girl sitting, seemingly unaware of the world around her, simply daydreaming. Controversy sparked regarding the painting because of her being so younger and her posture coming off as a bit sexually suggestive. However, Hawke paints a different picture, one where all of the controversial things about Thérèse make her nothing more than a girl. All of our growing pains, heartbreaks and daydreams make us young girls at heart. I think this is one of Hawke’s best songs, it’s raw and heavenly. “Thérèse” itself feels like a daydream.

I made this playlist in honor of Women’s History Month and asked for ideas from women I know to see what songs feel like womanhood for others. Being a woman is hard work, but I love it and I hope these songs make you feel the same. Here’s the full playlist for all my lovely ladies!

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