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Harry Styles Pink LOT
Harry Styles Pink LOT
Original photo by Olivia Madrid
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What Your Favorite Harry Styles Song Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Harry Styles is just over halfway done with Love on Tour and has recently been teasing new music. There is no better time to figure out what your favorite song of his says about you.

“Watermelon Sugar”

You’re basic and that’s great. You love pumpkin spice lattes and have a go-to pair of all-white Air Force Ones. You are also very positive; happy-go-lucky is your middle name. Whether you just failed a test or got the newest iPhone, you are all rainbows and smiles.

“Only Angel”

You’re the main character, the embodiment of “angel” in a way. You have a bit of an edge to your personality, but that’s what makes you so interesting. You have a way about yourself. When you walk down the street, people can’t help but look at you. You exude confidence.

“Treat People With Kindness”

If this is your favorite song, then you live and breathe the treat people with kindness lifestyle. You’d never hurt a fly and are the sweetest person ever. When it comes to disagreements between friends, you are a mediator and always looking for the best possible compromise.

“Sweet Creature”

You give off soft vibes. You love all things pastel and have always been a very go-with-the-flow kind of person. You are a calming presence amongst your friends. You aren’t the most talkative person, but when you do talk you have something important to say.

“Fine Line”

Harry Styles LOT Tampa
Original photo by Olivia Madrid

You have probably been through the wringer in life and that’s why these words feel so special to you. You know how to handle tough times because you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You also know how to celebrate life’s little things and are a very grateful person.


You know how to have a good time. Fun adventures seem to fall into your lap. You love to be spontaneous and dance like no one is watching. You know exactly who you are, what you want and how to get what you want. You also have an impeccable fashion sense.

“To Be So Lonely”

You are a more reserved person, spending more time observing the crowd than being in it. You analyze everything and understand people’s emotions better than most. You also know that every concert where Harry Styles didn’t play this song got robbed because hearing it live doesn’t compare to the studio recording.


You love a good romantic comedy from Netflix, but seriously, you are a sucker for a rom-com. You always dreamed life would be like the movies and you romanticize it constantly. Even the little things in life, you try to make them feel like you are the main character in a movie.

“Lights Up”

I feel as though I should say that this is my personal favorite. If it is yours too, you have experienced major changes in your life, but regardless, you always are striving to show the real you to the world. You can be too much of an open book at times, but that’s what makes you so endearing to others.

“From the Dining Table”

You have probably experienced heartbreak in some form, but you have grown tremendously from it. That heartbreak made you a better, stronger person and allowed you to flourish into your true self. You are also extremely honest, which the people around you appreciate.

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Olivia is an English: Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University. If there isn't a hockey game on, she can be found listening to music or watching Netflix with her friends.