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Eight Black Creators To Follow on TikTok Right Now

February marks the beginning of Black History Month, and there’s no better time than now to support our Black community in all ways possible. One way to do that is by taking the time to intentionally seek out and support Black influencers and content creators across social media platforms. Doing this brings well-deserved attention to creators that might get overlooked, who put in time and dedication to building a platform for their followers. To make your search for these Black creators easier, listed below are eight Black creators on TikTok who are doing some amazing things. 


Chrys the Author, AKA “your opinionated gay cousin,” uses her platform to comment on other TikTok videos dealing with social and political issues as well as pop culture. If you are looking for a queer creator who is open and brutally honest about issues ranging from homosexuality to colorism to toxic masculinity, then you should check out her page. 


Also he refused medical care because he wanted to accurately write down every symptom

♬ Creepy Dollhouse – Peder B. Helland

Mamadou Ndiaye has created a page dedicated to satire based on animal facts. Most of his videos reveal how terrifying nature actually can be, but every once in a while he also includes wholesome animal stories. This is the page to follow if you want a good laugh while also learning fun facts for a random animal trivia night.


Challan’s TikTok page shows the definition of a girl that can do both. Her page consists of hilarious content, cosplay costumes, fit checks and mini vlogs. This is the perfect creator to follow if you are looking for an account where pretty girl vibes meet chaotic energy.


Answer @im_siowei I should do more braiding videos ❤️ pt. 7 coming soon. #naturalhair

♬ original sound – Andreawiththecurls

Andrea’s page is the one-stop-shop for all things concerning natural hair. She posts how-to videos, tips for maintaining healthy hair, styling inspiration and hair hacks specifically for Black girls with naturally curly and kinky hair textures. If you’re looking for a place to get hair-spiration, her page is the place to go. 


Blessing’s page has all the content you need for women’s health. She is an advocate for women, destigmatizing women’s issues and candidly educating her followers about the female anatomy, while also offering holistic solutions to many women’s health issues. Check out her page and follow her for all your questions about down-there care.


with high performance comes aesthetics.. gonna go crazy if one more person asks me if they should be doing cardio b4 or after their workouts..

♬ Dumb Crasy – So Supa

Courtney’s page is the perfect place to get all your fit-spiration. All of her content centers around the gym and getting in an intense workout. Aside from workout videos, she also posts gym fits, mini vlogs and occasional gym humor (yes, that is now a thing). Go to her page if you are trying to become a strong girl and get a good lift in. 


Oliver’s page is for those who enjoy a page that resembles a conversational podcast. He posts videos about random abstract topics, then takes an introspective look at how they play a role in today’s society. His page is the place to go if you’re the type of person who enjoys thinking deeply about life.


Danisha is another creator whose content consists of commentary on TikTok videos from other users. She comments on a multitude of topics, but she maintains her focus on protecting women’s rights. Her greatest appeal is her robotic tone of voice and her unapologetic honesty. If you’re looking for a creator that may or may not be real, you should definitely follow her page. 

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