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It’s that spooky time of year again! The weather is getting cooler and there is a hint of cheer as it gets closer to Halloween night. Now, if you’re like me, you prefer the Christmas joy over the scary festivities surrounding Halloween. Nothing against Halloween and its fun, but the cheer and colors of Christmas speak to my soul. Although, nothing beats sitting down with soft cozy blankets, a bowl of treats and binge-watching the Disney Channel Halloween Episodes. The joy that courses through my veins by reliving my childhood through these shows is insurmountable! They are top tier kiddish humor and a great idea for a night in. 

Starting our list is the most expected and beloved Halloween-themed episode in all of Disney Channel history, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody “The Ghost in Suite 613.” This episode scared me to the bones when I was younger. I specifically remember being traumatized by this episode because of the seance scene, since little me fully believed that Esteban was being possessed. Now, I love watching it because it brings back memories of me sitting on my couch and shaking with fright. 

“Halloween” from The Wizards of Waverly Place is an all-time banger! First, we see Harper in her iconic Frankenstein costume and Justin in his skeleton fit. Then, we get to see the subway shop decked out to the fullest as a horror house while the cast tries to save their haunting tradition. Who doesn’t love the scene where all the ghosts realize that they’re in the real world and one of them bangs his head against a door! Although to no avail, the house does get shut down, but we get to see more of the wizarding world and its occupants. This episode brings back my beloved memories of wishing I was Alex Russo and pretending to be a witch.

If you are looking for a good laugh, I would highly recommend The Proud Family episode “A Hero for Halloween.” Undoubtedly, The Proud Family is one of the best Disney animated televisions shows to ever exist with their amazing humor and realistic characters. Specifically, this Halloween episode gives us that relatable feeling of wanting to grow up too fast from the perspective of Penny. The plot is a little straightforward, but superhero Penny saving her family from the ghost is a classic highlight from the TV series. 

Another animated Halloween episode that is a must-watch is Kim Possible “October 31st.” Kim in her awesome bionic armor, Dr. Drakken and Shego with their evil plans and all with a twist of a spooky plot makes this one to be watched. While this is not the spookiest mention, this episode has a creative plot that’ll put you in a festive mood. Kim Possible is most certainly a childhood staple that changed a lot of girls’ hearts and confidence. If you didn’t dream of being Kim Possible (or Shego), did you really grow up in the early 2000s? 

After rewatching and living my favorite episodes for days, I then move on to the honorable mentions that make me lighten up, but also can watch while doing homework. Good Luck Charlie‘s “Scary Had a Little Lamb” is one of these very episodes. All around, I love watching Amy and Bob dress up and act like each other. Seeing Bob Duncan in a pink nurse outfit with a horrible blonde wig will get you out of any funk whatsoever. Also, seeing Teddy get sprayed with fake red blood, then vow to get revenge on Karl is quite entertaining.

Gravity Falls’ episode “Summerween” is a good throwback during Halloween and outside. I could watch this episode all year long, it is peak comedy for the teens of the 2000s. Gravity Falls is always a good watch with their intricate plots that take you through different fantasy creatures and lore, but their Halloween episode will leave you in a horrified daze wondering what you just watched. The Summerween trickster who eats children fully left me quaking when I was younger and made sure that I never left out the loser candy. To put you in a real scary mood, this is the episode to watch. 

All of these are my favorite episodes to get back into the spooky, fall atmosphere. I would highly recommend you binge both these Halloween episodes and the movies Disney puts out (Girl vs. Monster superiority). Be sure to pair this list up with popcorn, chocolates and cozy Halloween pajamas! 

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Hi, my name is Lindsey Anderson, and I am an editing, writing, and media major! My favorite color is yellow, and I love gardening! My favorite books are The Poppy Wars, The Book Theif, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society!
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