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The New Norm: Fashion Week Collections That Challenged Today’s Norms

When it comes to fashion, we like to think that we are limitless. However, with new styles being introduced around the clock, there are certain trends that we choose to steer away from. Fashion Week is a week-long event in which brands get to show off their latest collections. Thousands of people come to this event to dress up, gain inspiration and experience the runway. For designers, this is a huge deal because a larger crowd means that there are more people to judge their clothing line. In other words, this is their “make it or break it” moment. While some designers choose to prioritize style standards in their collections, other designers make fashion decisions that are out-of-the-ordinary. They design clothes that are not typically seen on men or women, then put their designs on the runway. This year at Fashion Week, their collections would become the new norm. 

In the men’s Fall/Winter collection by Louis Vuitton, floral print dominated the runway. The male models wore floral print clothing and accessories or carried actual floral bouquets! The print added a feminine touch to the seemingly standard clothing. Not only this, but some models walked the runway in heeled shoes. The heels, typically worn by women, gave the outfits a sophisticated and bold look.

Dior’s striking men’s Winter collection also gained attention for its slightly feminine choices. Flowers and large jewels made several appearances on the runway. Male models wore floral tops and carried purses lined with sparkling stones. 

In Fendi’s Spring/Summer men’s collection, they modeled cropped clothing that took the audience by surprise. Fendi beautifully styled their models in tops and bottoms that were cropped, which is typically a style dominated by women. Their collection introduced a fresh look to the fashion industry. 

On the other hand, female models walked the runway with outfits that carried a touch of masculinity. In Kenzo’s Fall/Winter female collection, their models wore power suits and oversized pieces. They paired their suits with ties to give a more business look. The baggy fit of clothing paired with the formal style created a more masculine look. 

Another eye-catching runway show was Schiaparelli’s Spring/Summer female collection, which implemented contemporary designs using shapes and natural items. Many of the models wore headpieces that represented forms of life, such as tree branches, leaves and feathers. Their clothing was uncommon to the usual runway looks, with dresses extravagantly shaped and accessories that would catch the audience off guard.

Fashion is a form of creativity that allows us to display our own unique styles. With each generation comes new standards. It’s our choice over whether or not we want to stick to them. Similar to designers during Fashion Week, we get to decide what style we want to exhibit. Collections from brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior show that we can dress how we want and feel good in what we wear. 

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Katrina Oro is currently a Freshman Staff Writer for HerCampus at Florida State University (FSU). Besides writing, she loves movies, fashion and photography. Katrina is also a photographer for Strike Magazine at FSU.
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