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rose jackson crystals
Original photo by Rose Jackson
Mental Health

The Best Crystals for Becoming Your Best Self

I discovered the power of crystals over a year ago.  

By embracing the energies stored in these beautiful formations, the positive abundance in my life has continuously expanded along with my collection. Believe what you want about these ‘magic rocks.’ Trust me when I say that by living in harmony with each of my crystals’ energies and intentions, I have genuinely felt my energies reach their best states yet. My best days are amplified by the rose quartz, black tourmaline and carnelian that I wear around my neck – all of which are on this list. On the days I wake up feeling low, my perfect trio never fails to bring my best self back into action. The crystals on this list are filled with all the healing energies and intentions you need to become the best, most spirited version of yourself. The descriptions of these crystals are drawn from my copy of The Crystal Bible Volume 1 by Judy Hall. All of the pictures are pieces from my collection.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz collection
Original photo by Rose Jackson

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace—who doesn’t want that? It is the most important crystal for the heart chakra. It teaches the true essence of love by purifying and opening the heart and bringing deep inner-healing and (most importantly) self-love. Bestie, you cannot become your best self until you love yourself! It encourages all things love, romance, trust and harmony. It soothes heartache, grief and internalized pain. Wear this crystal over your heart to let in all the self-love, trust, worth and forgiveness.


amethyst collection
Original photo by Rose Jackson

This powerful and protective stone comes with a high spiritual vibration. It transmutes negativity into energies of love; it is the natural tranquilizer. The serenity within this crystal enhances our higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. It is cleansing, calming, healing and balancing. The mind is at ease in the presence of this purple protector.


carnelian collection
Original photo by Rose Jackson

This stone is full of life and vitality. It grounds and stabilizes with the high energies of motivation, creativity and confidence. It boosts courage, positive life choices, concentration and clarity while dispelling apathy and mental lethargy. Not to be dramatic, but I experience the absolute most empowering days when I wear my carnelian—I feel hot and unstoppable.


With the energy and power of the sun, citrine is an energizer, aura protector and chakra cleanser. This is a stone of abundance and manifestation, energetically attracting wealth, prosperity and success. It is a happy and generous stone that releases negativity and gloom. This is essential in a glow-up; it raises self-esteem, self-confidence, self-expression and individuality. There is no room for destructive tendencies with the joy of citrine! When shopping for citrine, remember that natural citrine is rarer than the rest of these crystals. So, make sure you’re getting natural citrine and not heat-treated amethyst, which is commonly used as a cheaper, more common counterpart. To utilize the power of citrine, get the real stuff!


my labradorite
Original photo by Rose Jackson

The iridescent shine of labradorite brings light and expels darkness. It is your barrier to the negative energies that you are shedding during your transformation. It facilitates understanding and rationality and banishes fears, insecurities and psychic debris from past disappointments. It calms the mind of the overthinker. How could you say no to something that looks this cool and makes you feel even cooler?

Black Tourmaline

my black tourmaline
Original photo by Rose Jackson

Black tourmaline is my favorite cleanser, purifier and energy transformer; it turns dense energies into lighter vibrations. It grounds spiritual energy and balances all the chakras. My negative thoughts cannot consume me when I’m wearing my black tourmaline necklace. This stone will fill you with positive and laid-back attitudes that we could all use a little more of no matter the circumstances. It helps you look deeper within yourself and strengthens your transformed self tenfold.

Iron Pyrite

Last but not least, the ultimate manifestation stone. With this one, say goodbye to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and frustration. It heals quickly and powerfully, expelling melancholy and fatigue and granting your dream as reality. Your health, intuition and confidence will soar. I always place this one on top of my manifestations to guarantee their fruition with ease.

Whatever your best self looks or feels like and wherever you are on your transformation journey, these crystals are on your side. They can work individually based on your desired intentions. Even more powerfully, they can function as a united front against all the bad things that may hinder your progress. If you’re reading this, it’s a sign you need to get one or more of these crystals—we all deserve to be the best version of ourselves! For my Tallahassee readers, Stone Age is my favorite place to get crystals and all things spirituality. It’s a wonderland for raising your vibrations and shifting your energies. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals when you buy them; they need your energy so they can work directly for you. Happy transforming, you got this!

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