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Subversive Basics: What Are They and How to Make Your Own!

While basics are essential in anyone’s closet, a new trend in basics has taken the fashion world by storm. The style has been coined the name subversive basics. Most notably, they are pieces with muted colors and patterns that have futuristic cutouts, layers and embellishments like laces or straps. Adding a subversive basic to your collection offers endless outfit possibilities. The layering capabilities and muted tones make subversive basics versatile statement pieces that you should add to your closet.  

One of the fears of keeping up with fashion trends is the fear of indulging in a microtrend and having your closet “expire” after a few months. Luckily, subversive basics are not going anywhere. The futuristic approach to basics is not a new concept or a micro trend; designers like Rick Owens, Thierry Mugler and Rhou Zhou have been creating grunge, subversive fashion for years. The style was most notably introduced during the ’90s and 2000s during the grunge era and is recently taking the fashion world by storm. If you want to get your hands on some costume subversive basics, many small designers are creating custom pieces on Depop and Instagram shops. The designer MadebyNikellle has made numerous beautiful variations of subversive basics. She makes custom handmade designs on her Instagram @madebynikellle.

Not only can subversive basics be purchased, but many pieces can also be made at home with a pair of tights and some scissors. I decided to make my own subversive basic top using a pair of tights.

what you need

I bought Sheer Energy tights from CVS in the color suntan so that it was a light brown. I got them in a size B, which is similar to a size small, and they fit pretty well. I used regular scissors, but fabric scissors would have made sharper cuts.

the cutting process

I began by cutting off the sleeves and since the fabric was not straight and was wrinkled, I decided to put the tights on. It was so much easier to cut the design with the tights on. I then began cutting on the chest, waist, and sleeve area and made small incisions. It looked a little plain so I cut the shoulder and made the top asymmetrical. I styled it with a tie skirt and it turned out super cute!

final thoughts

I found this DIY top super easy to make, it only took about 10 minutes and was really fun to make. I like how many variations are possible depending on how you cut the top. If I were to make another one, I would recommend getting a smaller size pair of tights, I used a size small, but the sleeves were a little looser than I would like. While I drew the pattern of the cuts on my tights before I cut them, I think being less structured and symmetric in the cuts would have made the top more interesting. All in all, I enjoyed making this top, and will try to make different designs in the future!

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