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My Four Favorite Interview-Based Podcasts

I am constantly listening to podcasts and always searching for new ones to add to my list. Whether I am driving or cleaning my room, I love taking time to listen to a podcast simultaneously. My favorite podcasts are the ones that revolve around storytelling, so here are my most listened to interview-based podcasts, ranging from true-crime to comedy to music, that I routinely tune into every week. 

Something Was Wrong 

This podcast, hosted by Tiffany Reese and produced by Audiochuck, is both informative and gripping. So far, the podcast has released four seasons, with each centered around an individual/individuals who endured something traumatic or shocking and are recounting their story of what happened and what they learned from the experience. 

Each season focuses on someone who has gone through an experience they wish to share with listeners who may gain insight and knowledge from it. This could mean listeners learning how to detect red flags and warning signs or gaining the courage to leave a harmful situation of their own. Many times, it is not just the individual who is the focus of the story that is interviewed in each season, but it is also family members, friends and coworkers who have valuable input on the situation. These stories vary from victims of domestic abuse to those who were catfished. Currently, the podcast releases an episode every week of a specific individual’s story rather than a season. Something Was Wrong is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. New episodes are released every Thursday. 

Podcast But Outside

Hosted by Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch, Podcast But Outside is a hilarious show set in a different location every week. Andrew and Cole set up a table, chairs and microphones in public places where they interview random strangers walking by. They entice passersby with a sign that promises a dollar for being a guest on the podcast. Guests on the show sit down and are interviewed about their personal life, jobs, aspirations and a myriad of other topics. With the hosts both being comedians, the podcast is sure to bring a smile. The setting for the podcast is usually somewhere in Los Angeles, such as Best Buy, Olive Garden or a pier. 

Podcast But Outside has become so popular that Andrew and Cole have gone on multiple tours to cities across the US, such as Portland and Washington DC, where they record a show live on stage. Guests interviewed for the live shows are selected from various public places in each city the podcast is on tour in. New Episodes are available every Wednesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. The video version of Podcast But Outside is available on their YouTube channel. 


With its first release date in 2016, Heavyweight has been a popular storytelling podcast for several years. Hosted by Jonathon Goldstein and produced by Gimlet Media, Heavyweight focuses on important occurrences that happened in someone’s past that ended up making a significant impact on their lives. Jonathan interviews these individuals to learn about their past and help bring them a sort of resolution to these impactful life events. In one episode, for example, Jonathon interviews a woman named Justine whose father has told her elaborate, almost unbelievable stories for her entire life. Jonathan works to either prove or disprove these stories, and along the way, Justine ends up uncovering a family secret. Episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Charli XCX’s Best Song Ever

Charli XCX is a pop icon. We all know her from her hit songs such as “Boom Clap” and “Vroom Vroom.” Charli XCX has a fascination with learning what her friends think is the best song ever for certain life moments. In each podcast, produced by BBC Radio 1, Charli sits down with a different guest to ask them the best song to soundtrack events, such as “What’s the best song to fall in love to?” or “What song do you want played at your funeral?” Guests include producer Jack Antonoff, Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira, singer/songwriter King Princess, Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang and many more of Charli’s talented friends. Episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

The next time you are in search of a new podcast to listen to, here are some interesting listens. Some include serious topics, while others are lighthearted and humorous. 

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