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In My Feels: My Comfort Songs for Every Emotion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Finding comfort in little things is sometimes the difference between a good and a bad moment. Whether you take comfort in food, friends, movies, music or anything in between, it’s important to have something that you know will always be on your side. For me, music is such a driving factor in how I go about my life. The dynamic quality of music has always given me a support system regardless of what mood I’m going through. Here are some songs that help me through all the vibes.

hype song

Starting strong, I have “Clarity” by Zedd (feat. Foxes). This song has put me in a good mood without fail for the past decade. I scream this one at the top of my lungs whether I’m in my room (sorry, roomies), in the car or at the club. With summer just around the corner, this is a perfect song to create positive energy. “Clarity” covers themes about being in love and going with your gut. It encapsulates all of the vibes I want to carry with me every day. 

growing up

To hit me right where it hurts, I have “Nothing New” by Taylor Swift (feat. Phoebe Bridgers). Although it feels so niche sometimes, growing up and learning about life is such a universal experience. This song covers topics like relationship struggles, overthinking and a loss of direction. With lyrics like “How can a person know everything at 18 but nothing at 22,” it hits so close to home as a college-aged girly. One of my favorite mantras is to feel my emotions rather than suppress them, so this is one I use when I just need a moment to go through it.

reality check

Sometimes what I need in life is a good reality check, and “Funeral” by Phoebe Bridgers is going to do this for me every time. This song discusses the struggle between being unhappy with your life while also acknowledging that others have it “worse” (I use this term lightly). With mental health being such an important topic, it’s honestly refreshing to hear celebrities using their platforms to talk about it. This song helps me know that I’m not alone in what I’m feeling while also reminding me that my feelings are real. This snaps me into reality by showing me that we’re all going through something and that it’s okay to take time to process it all.


I’m definitely no singer, but I will never turn down an opportunity to do some karaoke. My ultimate karaoke song is “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” by Shania Twain. This song has strong woman empowerment vibes and talks about living your best life unapologetically. In a potentially nerve-wracking situation like karaoke, these words that I’m singing give me the confidence I need to just have some fun. This is the perfect one to grab your girls and sing your heart out as Ms. Shania Twain would want.


Screaming along to the words of my favorite song is such an out-of-body experience. Matching the energy of an angry song is a challenge I’m more than willing to take, especially when that song is “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo. This is the one that lets me release all that anger, especially when working out, rotting in bed, or taking a drive. “good 4 u” is a bitter and sarcastic bop that shows the anger associated with seeing an ex get into a new relationship. Even when this situation isn’t what I’m angry about, it’s still a good one when I need to work through a bad mood.

on aux

Similar to having a hype song, it’s imperative for me to have a go-to song when someone has me on aux. I usually panic the moment the phone is handed in my direction, but I’ve pretty much got it down to a science now. “God’s Plan” by Drake takes the cake in this category. It’s basically my time capsule back to high school and can put anyone in a good mood. Between the beat drops, the catchy words and the theme of going with the flow, this one is essentially the perfect song for any aux opportunity.

These are some of the songs that have been along for some of my best and worst moments. Music will always be there for all of us, so treat yourself to some tunes that will serve you at any given moment!

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Amanda Abarca is an English Education major who enjoys all things pop culture, fitness, and comedy related. When she's not writing articles, you can find her teaching spin classes, watching a football game, or spending time with friends.